Where’s the momentum for the first four consecutive wins…Suwon Samsung to go to second division, reeling from four consecutive losses

Suwon Samsung, a prestigious club representing the K-League, is also struggling in the K-League 2 (minor league). Fans who are already hurt are angry at Coach Yeom Ki-hoon and his club, which also showed disappointing results in the second division.

Suwon Samsung lost 0-1 in the 14th round of Hana Bank K League 2 2024 against Chungnam Asan FC at Yi Sun-shin Stadium in Asan on the 21st.

Suwon Samsung, which has had no win (one draw and four losses) in five games including four consecutive losses, is now eight points shorter than its leader, FC Anyang, which had played one less game with six wins, one draw and six losses (19 points). The mood that was good at the beginning of the season has completely disappeared.

Suwon Samsung, which suffered a shocking relegation last year by finishing at the bottom of the K League 1, left the baton to Yeom Ki-hoon, who coached the team as an acting coach at the end of last season.

Under Yeom, Suwon Samsung showed good performance in the beginning. It played eight matches since the season opened, and cruised to six wins, one draw and one loss. Yeom also won the “Coach of the Month” award by leading four wins and one draw in the five matches he played in April.

Fans cheered their players up by visiting the stadium, both home and away. However, Suwon Samsung’s rise stopped in May.

Starting with Seongnam FC’s 1-2 away game on the 5th, it lost four consecutive games until the match against Chungnam Asan. While losing four consecutive games, Suwon Samsung scored only one goal as it lost every game, showing a significant collapse in the balance of attack and defense.

In a bad atmosphere, Suwon Samsung had a more difficult game with Baek Dong-gyu being sent off against Bucheon FC on the 18th and Kazuki being sent off against Asan in Chungnam on the 21st.

Suwon Samsung fans were strongly opposed to the match. After the match against Asan in South Chungcheong Province, fans blocked the team’s bus and strongly protested against Yeom. Some fans reportedly demanded Yeom’s resignation.

Suwon Samsung plans to give Yeom Ki-hoon more opportunities. According to a source at the Suwon Samsung club, the club decided to hold an emergency front meeting after discussing it after losing four games in a row, and give Yeom more time. 메이저놀이터

Coach Yeom Ki-hoon and Suwon Samsung, who are experiencing a crisis in May, desperately need a quick rebound, but the schedule is not easy until the June A-match period. Suwon Samsung will call Seoul E-Land FC, which gave them their first defeat this year, home on the 25th to try to escape consecutive losses. Then, on June 2, they have a difficult schedule to go to Busan I-Park.

If it is not maintained before the break, promotion to the K League 1, which he was confident of before the season’s opening, could become more difficult.

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