Director Kim Doo-hyun and Hwang Sun-hong, who are desperate for victory…Did the A-match break become “the stepping stone to rebound”

After the A-match break, the K-League will begin its full-fledged ranking competition. After going around the regular league’s halfway point through this weekend’s round, it will continue its non-stop competition until the A-match period in September, which will be the second half of the season. What attracts attention as much as the top-tier competition without a first-tier team is whether the teams that have fallen to the bottom will rebound. In particular, the rebound of the bottom-ranked teams, which replaced their head coaches side by side, can be a factor that makes the ranking competition even fiercer in the second half. Victory is the most important first step to rebound.

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has been unable to appoint a new coach for a long time since Petrescu’s resignation, is seeking to rebound under the leadership of Kim Doo-hyun. Since Kim’s appointment, the team has been mired in two consecutive losses, losing to Gangwon FC and Ulsan HD. This made it all the more welcome to have A-match break over the past two weeks. It was an opportunity for Kim to root out the soccer that he wanted.

According to the club, during the A-match break, the Jeonbuk team sweated for a rebound through camp training at the clubhouse. It was canceled due to the delay in the appointment of the coach, but the willingness to rebound was so great that it even considered off-season training during the break.

It is time for manager Kim Doo-hyun to show a different appearance as a result, even after he took office and took the bitter taste of defeat after directing the two games without breathing. Jeonbuk will clash with Incheon United at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 16th, which is also meaningful to coach Kim in that it is a “Jeonju-sung debut game.”

The situation is urgent for both Hwang Sun-hong and Daejeon Hana Citizen. After Lee Min-sung stepped down, the Daejeon club made the strongest decision to appoint Hwang Sun-hong, the former national team coach. Hwang also made the decision to return to the field in about 40 days after the first Olympic elimination disaster in 40 years. There are still many critical eyes on both the team’s choice that strongly reflects the intention of its parent company and Hwang’s decision to quickly accept its return to the field.

In order to reverse the public opinion, it is important how quickly and surely the mood changes. It is an urgent task for both the relegation zone and manager Hwang Sun-hong who needs to recover his reputation. To that end, Hwang and Daejeon focused on forming a new round using the A-match break. It was fortunate that they had more than a week to prepare for the inauguration during the season. The first game of the match under Hwang will be against the Pohang Steelers, ranking third in the league, which will take place at Steelyard in Pohang on Saturday. If the mood is reversed at once, the effect can be doubled. 토토사이트

If Jeonbuk and Daejeon succeed in rebounding due to the “effect of managerial replacement,” the competition for the K-League rankings is expected to further fluctuate. The fact that these teams are able to strengthen their players in the summer transfer market with support from their parent companies also raises expectations for a reversal of mood in the second half of the year. However, to this end, it is important how quickly Kim Doo-hyun and Hwang Sun-hong’s tactical capabilities will be displayed. Not only the performance of the two teams but also the fate of their coaches is at stake.

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