‘Calf injury’ Kim Jong-woo left 4~6 weeks…Nevertheless, Park Tae-ha’s belief that “there are other players.”

Pohang Steelers coach Park Tae-ha was convinced that he would not be swayed despite the player’s departure due to injury.

Pohang midfielder Kim Jong-woo was injured in an away match against Suwon FC in the 13th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Suwon Stadium on the 19th. After playing as a starter and enjoying the ground diligently, he passed the ball in the extra time of the first half, entered the penalty box, controlling the ball, and collapsed while trying to shoot. He collapsed alone without colliding with anyone.

As a result of the examination, it is inevitable to leave due to damage to the calf muscle. The instantaneous tension causes the muscle to be torn and dislodged from the line for about four to six weeks.

Kim Jong-woo, who wore a Pohang uniform last season, contributed greatly to the team’s midfield. He faltered due to injury in the second half, but finished the season as MVP after making a sensational turn in the Korea Cup final. He also scored two goals in 12 games this season, but he was forced to leave the field for a while due to sudden injury. “I want to finish the season without getting injured,” Kim’s goal was temporarily suspended.

Coach Park is not too worried. The severity of injury is not as significant as expected, but he will soon take a break from his A-match series in June. The biggest reason is the “trust” in other players besides Kim Jong-woo. Han Chan-hee and Kim Dong-jin also made good preparations. Depending on the situation, the coach may even think of deploying the wingback “A-Jungwon” in the center.

Coach Park said, “I won’t be able to recruit him for a while, but other players are also preparing well. This is one of the situations that could happen during the season. We have to fully prepare for that, and we will calculate and prepare for the next game.” 메이저사이트

Pohang lost 0-1 after being hit by Suwon FC Jung Seung-won with the winning goal in the game where Kim Jong-woo left the line. He hit 22 shots and recorded three shots on target, but failed to open the goal. There was a good defense by the opposing goalkeeper, but it was another game that was disappointed by Pohang’s lack of decision-making. Coach Park said, “There is no problem with the performance. The scene of the loss is our carelessness of the moment. We need to focus more and increase the accuracy, and prepare more to finish.”

Pohang, which has been undefeated in 11 consecutive games, but still maintains its “leading” position, will play a home game against FC Seoul on the 25th.

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