Yook Seon-yeop, who met ‘role model’ Oh Seung-hwan for the first time, said, “I feel like I’m watching a celebrity on TV… I want to learn how to throw a cut fastball from Buchanan.”

 Yook Seon-yeop (Jangchung High School), who was selected in the first round by Samsung in the 2024 rookie draft, met the role model of his dreams. 

Yook Seon-yeop is a player who has all the conditions to grow into a starting pitcher, including a fast ball, the ability to use a breaking ball, and stamina, based on his outstanding physique of 190 cm tall and 90 kg weight. Due to his physique and excellent work, expectations are high that he will play a part in the starting lineup in the future. 

Yook Seon-yeop, who visited Daegu Samsung Lions Park to throw the ceremonial first pitch of the final home game against SSG on the 14th, coincidentally ran into ‘final boss’ Oh Seung-hwan in the first floor lobby. He met and talked with Oh Seung-hwan, whom he considered his role model. 

Yook Seon-yeop said, “I felt like I was watching a celebrity. He actually saw the great senior he saw on TV and shook his hand, but it still doesn’t feel real. “He feels like a dream,” he said. “I plan to ask a lot of questions while training after joining. “I will learn a lot from you,” he said. 

Ahead of the first pitch, he said, “I’m more nervous now that I have to throw the ball (from the mound at Daegu Samsung Lions Park). I saw Lotte Jeon Mir throw out the first pitch last time, and he did well. “I thought we would just do that,” he said with a smile. 

He said that he prepared for their first meeting by throwing more balls than usual because he wanted to leave a strong first impression in front of the fans filling Daegu Samsung Lions Park. 메이저놀이터

When asked about the changes before and after being nominated as a pro, he said, “After being nominated, I felt like I was now a member of society rather than a student. “I am becoming more careful with my actions and am more focused when exercising.” 

Yook Seon-yeop also said, “What I think is most important is to increase the average velocity every year. I also want to add a breaking ball that can be thrown perfectly. I wanted to learn senior Won Tae-in’s changeup, but while watching a TV broadcast recently, I was fascinated by Buchanan’s cut fastball. “He felt like he wanted to follow Buchanan and learn from him,” he said. 

I was asked which hitter I would like to face on the professional stage. He chose KT Jung Jun-young and said, “He is a senior from the same school, and I got hit every time during live pitching or blue-and-white matches. “I really want to win in the pros,” he said with a smile, adding, “During the last Cheongbaek match, I was hit by my classmate at Jangchung High School, Hyunjun Ryu (designated by Doosan), and I definitely want to get revenge.” 

Yook Seon-yeop said, “I was originally greedy for awards, but this year, I was greedy for awards and did not show a good performance. “I want to let go of my greed, do my best every time I throw a ball, and become a pitcher who grows every year,” he expressed his wish.

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