Yankees Defeated by Rodon Can They Shake Off ‘Temptation of Boras’ This Time

Can the Yankees shake off Boras’ temptation.

The New York Yankees are seeking to reinforce the mound this off-season. In order to recruit Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who applied for the posting, he tried unsuccessfully to use “emotional tactics” by giving a message to his number 18. Yamamoto had intended to move to the Los Angeles Dodgers from the beginning.

In addition, the team has given up starting pitchers Michael King, Jonny Brito, and Randy Vazquez to recruit Juan Soto. Of course, there are still pitchers who can maintain the starting rotation, but few are satisfactory ace pitchers. The Yankees are still searching for the second starting pitcher to replace the ace pitcher Gerrit Cole.

The Yankees, who were shunned by Yamamoto, are watching other players. One of them is Blake Snell, who won the National League Cy Young Award last year.

According to MLB.com on Jan. 12 (Korea Standard Time), the Yankees have offered Snell a contract. It is still the first proposal that opens the door to negotiations, but it also means that negotiations between the two sides have officially begun. The difference of opinion is known to be huge. The amount proposed by the Yankees did not meet the conditions that Snell wanted.

Snell won the Cy Young Award last year, and is a pitcher who won the Cy Young Award in both leagues. It should be considered that it is virtually impossible to sign a contract at a low price. Snell, who pitched 180 innings in 32 games last year with 14 wins and nine losses and an ERA of 2.25 in the entire Major League, was the No. 1 pitcher in ERA in the entire Major League. If Snell joins the team, the Yankees will have a one-two punch as winners of last year’s Cy Young Award in the two major leagues.

The problem is that Snell is not a steady pitcher. Snell has won the Cy Young Award twice, but his status has changed considerably in his entire career, except for the two seasons. Snell’s overall record in eight big league seasons is 71 wins, 3.20 ERA, and 2.07 ERA in two big league seasons, and his total performance in the other six seasons is 36 wins and 3.84 ERA.

More important than performance is health. Snell has never pitched in a regulation inning except for two Cy Young Award seasons out of eight seasons. He pitched in 180.2 innings in 2018 and 180 innings in 2023, but he pitched in the most innings in 2017 except for the two seasons. Excluding the two seasons that he played in, Snell is considered an “unhealthy pitcher who is slightly above the league average.”

The Yankees are very sensitive to players’ health problems. They have been suffering from health problems of their main players for several years already. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the season schedule is going awry every year due to injuries.

Last year, the Yankees also received the worst report card by recruiting a pitcher full of anxiety factors. It was Carlos Rodón. Rodón, who spent six years on average pitching balls in the league after suffering from health problems since his debut, signed a big six-year, $162 million contract, focusing only on his two-year performance in the 2021-2022 season. Rodón also had the worst career season since joining the Yankees last year. He was the worst in terms of health and skill.

The problem is that Rodon and Snell have the same agent. It is Scott Boras. Boras is a man who is obsessed with inflating players’ values and forcing his team to take on long-term contracts. Rodon, who was hired last year, is a prime example. Of course, Snell is a pitcher with a better career than Rodon, but he also has similar concerns.

Perhaps Boras will raise his ransom by insisting in negotiations with the Yankees that Snell will be able to produce several performances as he did last year for the rest of his career. Of course, the probability is not zero, but when you look back on the past, you can’t deny that it is much higher not. Depending on their choice, the Yankees could take on another malicious contract. The Yankees are already hampered by the ankles held by Giancarlo Stanton and Rodon alone.

Now, the spring camp call is about a month away, but Snell is one of the “market’s biggest fish,” but there are few rumors about his destination. You can guess that there is a big difference between his value in the market and that Boras claims.

The Yankees, who have never advanced to the World Series since 2009, have lost the pride of the most prestigious baseball club every year. Despite spending a large amount of money, they have not been able to achieve satisfactory performance. Consequently, it is inevitable to conclude that they are spending money wrong. 라바카지노

Fortunately, the Yankees agreed on a contract with starting pitcher Marcus Stroman on Wednesday, and are able to put out the fire immediately. Stroman is not a top-rated pitcher in Cy Young, but he is a good starting pitcher. Although he throws more innings than Snell, he maintains a steady three-run ERA. Perhaps, he will perform better than Snell. Stroman, who is only one year older than Snell, will sign a two-year, 37 million-dollar contract with the Yankees.

Will he be able to regain his pride by spending money “properly” this year? Attention is focusing on what choice the Yankees will make.

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