Winning goal against Saudi Arabia → Klinsmann-ho ‘contributed to the first win’ Cho Gyu-seong “This two-game series, our goal is to win in front of many home fans”

Cho Gyu-seong, who led Klinsmann’s first win, expressed his determination to win at home. 

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play a friendly match against Tunisia in the October international match at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th. Then, on the 17th, they will face Vietnam at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Korea’s FIFA ranking is 26th, Tunisia is 29th, and Vietnam is 95th.레모나토토

About seven months have passed since the Klinsmann was launched. In the meantime, 6 games have been played, with 1 win, 3 draws, and 2 losses. They drew with Colombia (2-2 draw), El Salvador (1-1 draw) and Wales (0-0 draw) and lost to Uruguay (1-2 loss) and Peru (0-1 loss). Then, in the last international match in September, they won 1-0 against Saudi Arabia. 

Now, as striker Cho Gyu-seong aims for consecutive wins in international matches, this October’s international matches are personally motivating. Until now, Cho Gyu-seong has never missed a call from Coach Klinsmann. And by scoring the winning goal against Saudi Arabia, he became a major contributor to his first win.

Cho Gyu-seong, who was interviewed on the second day of the convocation, first expressed his determination, saying, “We will play both of these two games at home, so I hope we can win. Since it was Klinsmann’s first win on the road, my goal now is to win in front of many fans.” 

Cho Gyu-seong is trying to maximize his strengths in accordance with Director Klinsmann’s demands. He said, “Until the previous call-up, the coach asked for a lot of physical aspects. I think those are the parts that make me different from others. Unlike others, my strength is in physically fighting strong, protecting the ball, and connecting with my teammates, so I focus on those aspects. “He told me to live well,” he explained.

Also, “The part I am most confident in is the header. I think that I can survive and the team can survive only if I use the strength of this confidence. Also, I think I have the strength to beat the opponent in the physical aspect, possess the ball, and connect it to my teammate.” He appealed. 

[The following is an interview with Cho Gyu-seong:

Q&A] – Thoughts on calling up the international

match Both of these two games will be played at home, so I hope we win. It was Klinsmann’s first win away from home, so the goal now is to win in front of many fans.

– There are many fans holding signs with Cho Gyu-seong. What are the benefits of open training?

The point is that you can communicate with your fans. It’s good to see only Asians in Denmark, but there are many fans who come to watch the game, which gives me confidence and I want to say thank you.

– I heard that Lee Han-beom helped Jo Gyu-seong a lot even though he said, ‘I served in the military.’

It is true that he said it that way. (Laughs) Since I served in the military, I thought it would be good for the players to experience it. Still, they proudly won the gold medal, and now the players are going on a one-month experiential field trip.

-What is the physical burden? How is your physical condition?

If you let me play in the game, of course I can play. It’s my first time adjusting to jet lag, so it’s a bit difficult. I feel like I once again feel how great the overseas hyungs are.

– You are doing well right after moving to Denmark. What is your secret?

There is no secret. The first goal came quickly, and all my teammates were nice, so I adapted quickly.

–  There are some fans who express regret over entering Denmark. Do you think entering Europe was a good choice?

I think it was 100% a good decision. It’s great to play in front of K-League fans, but I think it’s a challenge. Many people say it’s disappointing because it’s a Danish league, but I have no regrets. I thought it was step by step and advanced.

– What is different from the K League?

There isn’t much difference. Denmark also demands physicality. I think the K League was like that too. I think I was able to adapt well in that regard.

– Coach Klinsmann is a former striker, and has been consistently selecting three strikers (Cho Kyu-seong, Oh Hyun-gyu, and Hwang Ui-jo) since March. What kind of order are you placing?

In previous convocations, etc., the director requires a physical aspect. I think that’s what makes me different from others. Unlike others, my strengths are that I fight physically, protect the ball, and connect with my teammates, so they tell me to take advantage of those aspects.

– Coach Klinsmann’s public opinion is not good. What’s different about him compared to Coach Bento?

The coach does a good job taking care of the players. It’s good that my body is in 100% condition so I can work hard.

– The director said that 8 to 10 people who will go to Qatar on the 9th have already been decided. Do you think you will be among them?

no. He said that it is always a competition whenever he comes to the national team, and he doesn’t know when he will be selected and it is not strange if he is not selected. I never let down my guard even for a moment.

– National team players are scoring goals for their respective teams. What are your strengths?

As a striker, I am confident not only in scoring goals but also in aerial balls. I think I have the strength to beat my opponent in the physical aspect, get possession of the ball, and connect it to my teammate.

– Hong Hyun-seok said that he dreamed of playing in the top five leagues in Europe. There were also rumors that Cho Gyu-seong was also interested in Italy, and

everyone wants to play in the top five leagues. I too have lived that dream. I think there is no reason to play soccer if you don’t have motivation. I think my goal is to dream, be motivated, take one step at a time, and do my best.

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