Will SSG’s bullpen appear in 2024

It is no exaggeration to say that the power of the SSG mound came from “bulppen” last year. Noh Kyung-eun (40) and Ko Hyo-joon (41), who were the core of the left and right wings, played solid role as “set-up men,” while closer Seo Jin-yong stably defended his back door. Notably, Noh played 83 innings in the most 76 games in his team’s bullpen, recording 9 wins, 5 losses, 2 saves with 3.58 ERA, and Ko Hyo-joon posted 4 wins, 1 loss, and 13 holds with 4.50 ERA in 73 games (58 innings). The expression “old man’s fighting spirit” was appropriate.

Unless there is an injury variable, the “Bulppen Duo” is expected to carry out a must-win group or equivalent task in the SSG bullpen in 2024. With reputation for thoroughly managing their bodies, the “40-year-old” age is unlikely to be a major obstacle. However, the absolute size of the burden the two players carried last year was too big regardless of their age. Due to the large number of appearances, the two players’ physical stamina gradually depleted in the second half of the year.

For the SSG bullpen to function smoothly in the 2024 season, younger pitchers’ roles are important. As the club has also announced a gradual change of generations, chances are high that it will give younger pitchers a chance to take the mound while giving a glimpse into the future of the team. It is encouraging that several pitchers showed promise during the last season.

A case in point is right-handed pitcher Choi Min-joon (25). Choi Min-joon posted a record of 5 wins, 3 losses, 7 saves, and an ERA of 4.20 in 53 games (60 innings) as the second option in the right-handed bullpen following Noh Kyung-eun last year. He had a hard time due to injury during the season, but rebounded with a 1.86 ERA with one win and one hold in nine games at the end of the regular season. As he has steadily gained experience in the bullpen over the past three years, he is expected to perform more in the next season. Other promising players include Lee Kun-wook (29) and Lee Woo-eun (20) who showed good performances last season, and Cho Byung-hyun (22), who was discharged from Sangmu. 랭크카지노도메인

The impact of left-handed pitchers was not enough as Kim Taek-hyung (28) joined the military. Among them, Baek Seung-gun (24) showed remarkable growth. He played in both the bullpen and the starting pitcher in 2023, posting two wins, two losses and three holds with an ERA of 4.97 in 25 games (38 innings). He displayed good performance in the early stages by gaining opportunities when there was a hole in the starting pitcher’s rotation, but it was regrettable that he collapsed sharply after the end of the season. Baek spent most of the second half of the season in the wake of the aftermath. Currently, he is focusing on strengthening his physical fitness to rebound next season along with Kim Kwang-hyun in Okinawa, Japan. Young left-handers such as Jung Sung-gon (28), Han Doo-sol (27), and Lee Ki-soon (21) are also seeking to take the leap forward next season.

Will SSG’s bullpen appear in the 2024 season? This is a major task for SSG, which is going through a new winter.

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