Whoever controls the air controls the game

 The K-League, which was directly hit by the heat wave, is more aware of the ‘importance of height’ than ever before. From top-ranking Ulsan to bottom-ranking Gangwon, all teams are struggling to play as they prepared for their recent match in a midsummer tropical night. In the second half, the steps of the players noticeably slow, and as their stamina decreases, the concentration in front of the gate is also reduced.

At this time, a powerful header shot into the net presents coolness like an ice shower to the fans and valuable victory points to the team. Suwon FC Lars led Suwon Samsung to a 2-0 victory with a header from Bitgaram Yoon’s corner kick in the ‘Suwon Derby’ on the 5th, and Gwangju FC’s Lee Kun-hee scored a wedge with a cool header shot in the match against Daejeon on the 4th. Gwangju defeated Daejeon 3-0.스포츠토토

Pohang’s Ha Chang-rae scored an equalizer with a dramatic header from a corner kick in the 3rd minute of extra time in the second half when Seoul was trailing 1-2. Ha Chang-rae, who scored an equalizing goal with a header at the same goal at the same time in the Seoul expedition last June, stood tall as a “theater equalizer hero” for two consecutive Seoul expeditions. On the other hand, Seoul allowed goals to the same opponent in the same way and missed the victory twice.

Pohang has the most header goals this season with 10 goals. It is also the team with the best last-minute concentration among the 12 K-League teams this season. 7 goals scored in extra time. In the 24th round against Jeonbuk, Lee Ho-jae scored the winning goal in overtime to win 2-1, and in the 23rd round against Jeju, Kim Seung-dae scored a key goal in overtime to win 4-2. I tasted the goal at the end of three consecutive games.

Jeonbuk is also enjoying the ‘height’ effect. After Jeonbuk’s 2m tall center back Petra Sec joined, the team transformed into the most capable team in aerial combat in the K-League. In the home game against Incheon on the 6th, Petrasek proved ‘why Jeonbuk coach Dan Petrescu wanted to sign him’ with his skills. He competed in the air 21 times alone and succeeded 16 times. There is not much difference from the total number of successful aerial ball competitions (21 times) of 10 other Jeonbuk players who started. In particular, Petracek won 9 out of 10 matches against Incheon’s ‘returned ace’ Mugo, and played a big role in helping the team win 2-0 scoreless. Even in a set-piece situation, he threatened the goal with a sensational header shot. Jeonbuk jumped to third place with a ‘new weapon’ at the forefront.

Bottom-ranked Gangwon has the fewest goals with 2 headers, along with 8th placed Incheon. 11th place Suwon made 5 header goals in play, but no headers from corner kicks. This contrasts with the 7 goals scored from corner kicks last season. It is pointed out as one of the reasons why Gangwon and Suwon are struggling to escape the lower ranks. If you can’t do it with your feet, it is natural that you should score a goal with your forehead to increase your chances of survival.

On the other hand, Ulsan, the ‘overwhelming leader’, is the only team this season that has not conceded a goal from a corner kick. These small differences make a big difference.

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