We have to cleanly block even 1 or 2 gradations” 79SV’s promise to find strength in the fall

I will cleanly block even 1 or 2 gradations”.

KIA Tigers closer Jeong Hae-young (22) is regaining strength as fall approaches. He led the sweep by winning two saves in three consecutive weekend matches against the Hanwha Eagles last weekend.메이저놀이터

In the game on the 25th, he took the mound in the ninth inning with a 4-1 lead, and handled Hanwha’s three central batters neatly. It was his first save in August and 26 days since the match against Lotte on July 30. He took a day off and appeared on the 27th in a 5-2 situation, and it was also treated as a three-way offense. 

He perfectly deleted 6 out counts in 2 games without going on base. He recorded a fastball speed of over 145 km and regained the strength of his heavy ball tip. His control was also full of stability. He looked like a finishing pitcher. 

In 37 appearances, he is 3-2 with 12 saves and 1 hold, with an earned run average of 3.47. He’s still very hungry. Until last year, he played an active role as the Tigers’ first finisher with 30 saves for two consecutive years, but this year he struggled because he could not improve his pitch from the start. I went down to Future Steam at the end of May and went through adjustments for nearly a month. 

Jung Hae-young said, “I put it on a save situation, so I threw it hard to block it as much as possible. I prepared well and was rewarded as a result. I did not neglect weight training. I think I was very tired, so I took a lot of rest in August and ate more good food than usual. That led to good results,” he said. 

He continued, “I hope my pitch will be similar to last year’s good game. Now, the good results in the 2 games is a positive sign. But I’m still a bit anxious. He said, ‘It was the best ball I’ve ever received’, so I gained more confidence.”  

On the 18th, in the game against Samsung in Daegu, he could not play even though he saved by one point in the 9th inning. Lim Ki-young, who took the mound in the 8th inning, blocked it until the 9th. Jung Hae-young admitted, “Last year and this year, I was bad against Samsung. I thought I had to admit it quickly and do better. Ki-young hyung blocked it well. The team is more important than my record,” she admitted coolly. 

Maybe that’s why he showed strong motivation to finish to prevent tough situations. “I want to throw 1 or 2 runs like today. I want to block cleanly. That way, I can gain confidence and regain a sense of stability. A 3 run gap is a 2 run gap even if I hit a home run. I really want to throw well so that I can see it comfortably in a close game with 1 or 2 runs. I want to,” he said, determined.

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