Unlucky rookie pitcher who hit two home runs in the first two pitches before his MLB debut

Even if the wall of the Major League (MLB) is high, it was too high.

Ryan Richardson (23), a rookie pitcher for the American professional baseball Cincinnati Reds, suffered a shocking situation in his big league debut.

Richardson appeared as a starting pitcher in a game against the Washington Nationals held at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio on the 7th (hereafter Korean time), and was hit with two homers in just two balls.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, a major league statistics company, Richardson is the first pitcher to hit two home runs in the first two pitches of his debut since 1999, when statistics were compiled by pitch.

Richardson, a right-handed pitcher, threw a fast ball of 95.5 miles (about 154 km) in the first inning against Washington lead batter CJ Abrams.

However, as the ball entered the strike zone high in the middle, he hit a large solo home run with a distance of 122.5m that immediately crossed the right fence.

Richardson threw a faster four-seam fastball of 96.7 miles (about 155.6 km) in the first pitch against second batter Lane Thomas.

However, this also allowed a 123.7m home run that went over the middle fence while entering high in the middle.

Richardson, who threw two balls and hit two homers, walked the follow-up hitter, Joey Menesis, and was hit by Kaybert Lewis to the left and was driven to first and second base safely.

In the continued 1st out, 2nd and 3rd bases, Jake Alu hit 2 RBIs and left-handed hits, allowing 2 additional runs.

Fortunately, Richardson finished the first inning by striking out the left fielder with a fly ball to the left fielder.

Richardson allowed only one walk in the second and third innings and was replaced after finishing the inning.

Richardson’s performance before his debut was 4 hits and 3 walks in 3 innings, allowing 4 runs and striking out 2.

After the game, Richardson said, “It wasn’t such a bad pitch, but he seems to have been driven a little,” and said, “I don’t think it will happen again today, and I’m confident I’ll do well.”메이저놀이터

Cincinnati manager David Bell said, “It’s very unfortunate that he started his major league debut like that,” and added, “But we know Richardson well and the pitches he showed up to the third inning were good.”

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