Ulsan Hong Myung-bo’s dream of “Beyond 亞 to the World” came true…The parent company of the ‘Jung Ki-seon system’ is also welcome

Ulsan HD’s “Hong Myung-bo” wish to move beyond Asia to the global stage has become a reality. In line with the expansion of the global stride of HD Hyundai, the parent company that opened the “regular era,” the company is smiling broadly.

Ulsan, led by head coach Hong Myung-bo, won 1-0 with Lee Dong-kyung’s first winning shot in the 20th minute of the first half against Yokohama Marinos (Japan) in the first leg of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) semifinals at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 17th.

With the victory in the first round, Ulsan has secured a berth to the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, its biggest goal, while easing the burden of the second round at home in Yokohama on the 24th. Four AFC teams can participate in the Club World Cup, which has been expanded to a 32-team system. Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) and the Urawa Reds (Japan), who won the ACL in 2021 and 2022, have secured two tickets in advance. The remaining two are the top-ranked teams in the “Federation Ranking,” which are based on ACL performances for four years and the winner of this season’s ACL. Al Hilal, who already has tickets, will be ranked first (115 points) and will return to the second-ranked team.

Ulsan was in third place with 78 points, two points behind Jeonbuk Hyundai (80 points), which had been in second place before the match. Jeonbuk was eliminated in the quarterfinals after being pushed out by Ulsan. As Ulsan beat Yokohama, it gained three ranking points and 81 points, ranking second. “I am even more pleased that I have secured a ticket to represent Korea at the Club World Cup. It is the biggest gift for all our players, our club, and our fans,” Hong said.

Kwon Oh-gap, the team’s owner, visited the venue on the day. Kwon is the owner of the team but is currently serving as the president of the Korea Professional Football Association at the same time. He does not usually appear at home games in Ulsan. However, he rooted for Ulsan as it was an important game in which not only fought on the ACL stage on behalf of the K-League but also qualified for the Club World Cup. Also, the company’s parent company showed keen interest in the team, as all of the team’s presidents participated in the event to cheer for the team.

His participation in the Club World Cup coincides with the major vision of Chung Ki-sun, who stepped up to the forefront of the group through promotion of HD Hyundai vice chairman late last year. Immediately after taking office, Chung is focusing on boosting brand value by strengthening the group’s future engine through active global businesses. 퀸알바

The same applies to soccer teams. When Ulsan achieved its second consecutive win in the league last year, Chung made a surprise appearance at the award ceremony and offered the player a winning medal. He is also called the next presidential candidate of the Korean soccer, and he made his presence known in time for the establishment of a new kingdom in Ulsan. Not only does he grow the Ulsan team but he also has strong will to work with the entire Korean soccer community.

“With the participation in the Club World Cup, the parent company’s interest in the soccer team is growing. We will continue to work hard to develop strategies and investments to promote Ulsan HD in the world,” an Ulsan source said.

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