Ulsan HD Recruitment of Veteran Center Back Hwang Seok-ho… Determined to Be Recognized in the K-League as well

Ulsan HDC has strengthened its defensive line ahead of the new season by recruiting veteran center back Hwang Seok-ho (34). Hwang, who has always played in Japan and China, said, “I will be recognized for my skills,” while challenging the K-League stage for the first time.

Following the record of the minimum number of runs in the K League 1 in the 2022 season, Ulsan, which reached the lowest number of runs last season, will continue its “defensive masterpiece” by embracing proven center back Hwang Seok-ho. Ulsan, which has Hwang Seok-ho, has previously established a solid defensive line with Kim Young-kwon (33) and Kim Ki-hee (34).

Hwang Seok-ho rose to stardom by playing full-time in all games as a center back in the 2012 London Olympics, helping him win the bronze medal as he was called by Hong Myung-bo (54), who led the Olympic soccer team while playing in the 2011 Summer Universiade in Shenzhen and the Spring Universiade. 헤라카지노주소

Since then, Hwang has continued his career with Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Kashima Antlers, Shimizu Espulse (Japan), and Tianjin Jinmenhu (China). Until last year, he played for Sagan Tosu (Japan). Then, he joined the K-League for the first time.

Ulsan, which aims to win three consecutive K-League titles, the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) and the FA Cup, has a brilliant winning career and has a lot of experience. In particular, Hwang Seok-ho can take on several positions in addition to center backs, drawing more expectations for his performance in Ulsan in the new season.

Hwang Seok-ho also meets again with coach Hong Myung-bo, who formed a priestly relationship at the 2012 London Olympics, and his teammates who worked with the Korean national soccer team in the past, drawing attention and expectations from fans.

Hwang Seok-ho said, “I have played in Japan, China, and the international arena, but I have never played in the K-League,” adding, “Now I want to be recognized in the K-League and receive greater support from fans in my home country.”

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