Tomorrow’s Korea-Japan soccer final… Pay attention to ‘top scorer’ Jung Woo-young

Our national soccer team will play the Asian Games final tomorrow (7th).

Expectations are high for Jung Woo-young, who has been scoring goals every day ahead of the real-time match against his ‘fated rival’ Japan.

This is reporter Jeong Hyeon-woo’s report.

The first goal was scored by putting his foot in while the goalkeeper missed a low and tricky side cross.

An additional goal that sealed the victory by snatching the ball from an unwary defender in front of the goal.

Jung Woo-young’s toes shined in the semifinal against Uzbekistan.

In addition to these two goals, he scored a hat trick in the first game of the group stage and multiple goals in the round of 16.

With 7 goals in 6 games, he was actually the top scorer of the tournament.

We are writing the same story as Hwang Ui-jo five years ago, who was selected to the national team as a wild card and ranked first in scoring.레모나토토

Just as there was a question mark over Hwang Ui-jo’s selection at the time, Jung Woo-young did not receive much attention at first, being overshadowed by Lee Kang-in of Paris Saint-Germain.

However, thanks to the consideration of his team, he joined the national team on time, worked with his teammates, and blossomed into an ace.

As a side striker, Jung Woo-young’s strength is his excellent positioning in front of the goal.

He has the ability to make decisions with accurate shots.

With his wide range of activity, he can play many roles in the midfield battle.

Right wing striker Eom Won-sang injured his ankle in the semifinals, so Jung Woo-young is under a lot of pressure ahead of the final game.

However, as his opponent in the finals is Japan, his will is burning more than ever.

[Jung Woo-young / Asian Games soccer team: We have one last game left, the Korea-Japan match, but after the game, we are all motivated and have a strong will to do it, so we prepared well… .]

If Jung Woo-young, who plays for the German team, wins a gold medal and receives military service benefits, his overseas career is expected to go even further.

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