There is no comparison” ‘Monster’ Yamamoto, who won 4 awards for 3 consecutive years, won the Sawamura Award for 3 consecutive years for the first time in 65 years

Orix Buffaloes’ ‘Super Ace’ Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) has once again been certified as the best pitcher in Japanese professional baseball. The Sawamura Award Selection Committee announced on the 30th that it had selected Yamamoto as the 2023 winner. This is the third consecutive award from 2021.굿모닝토토 도메인

Yamamoto started 23 games this season and recorded 16 wins, an ERA of 1.21, 169 strikeouts, and a winning percentage of .727. He won four gold medals for the first time in his history in three consecutive years. His ERA of 1.21 is his lowest since his debut in 2017.

The Sawamura Award is given to the best pitcher of the year. The selection committee evaluated both Yamamoto and Yokohama Baystars left-hander Azuma Katsuki (28). Azuma had 16 wins (3 losses), the same as Yamamoto. He was ahead of Yamamoto with a winning percentage of 80,400,000 2 ri. But Yamamoto’s walls were very high.

Yamamoto met four of the seven criteria for the Sawamura Award (15 wins, 150 strikeouts, 10 complete games, 2.50 ERA, 200 innings, 25 appearances, 60% winning percentage). Although he only played 23 games, pitched 164 innings, and pitched 2 complete games, he put up dominant performances in other categories.


Yamamoto achieved a no-hitter and no run in the game against Chiba Lotte Marines held at Chiba Marine Stadium on September 9th. He posted the record for the second consecutive year following last season.

Orix, led by ace Yamamoto, ranked first in the Pacific League for three consecutive years and advanced to the Japan Series for three consecutive years. They are aiming to win the Japan Series for the second year in a row.

The third award is said to be the fifth in 27 years. It has been 65 years since Masaichi Kaneda received the award for three consecutive years, and this is the second time in history.

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