The genre of “Taeha Drama” is romance, “What Happened in Pohang” by No. 1 director Park Taeha

There is a coach who entered the K-League in his first season as the head coach of a team that let go of a large number of key players. Having raised many people’s doubts before the start of the season, the coach is dominating the professional soccer league by unexpectedly putting his team at the top of the K-League 1.

The main character of this story is Pohang Steelers coach Park Tae-ha (55). Park, who says his hobby is to take a walk with his wife, is a romanticist who only looks at Pohang as a player and coach. Park is busy filming a romantic soccer drama that will make the most talked about Korean pro soccer this season.

Sports Korea met manager Park Tae-ha at the club house of the Pohang club located in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and heard about the secret of leading the K League 1 and its special relationship with the Pohang club.

▶Those who strive cannot beat those who enjoy it

Pohang, which won the FA Cup last season and ranked second in the K League 1, transferred a large number of its flagship players, including Ko Young-joon, Kim Seung-dae and Zeca, before the start of the season. In addition, Coach Kim Ki-dong, who clinched the FA Cup trophy, had to leave for FC Seoul. Not a few people predicted Pohang’s sluggish performance this season given the huge leakages.

However, Park Tae-ha, Pohang’s new team legend, has been undefeated in nine matches (6 wins and 3 draws) through the 10th round since his loss to Ulsan HD, putting his team at the top of the K-League 1. Pohang has even been nicknamed “Tae-ha Drama” after Park, which continues to remain undefeated by scoring theatrical goals day after day.

Coach Park says that “enjoying soccer” leads to great performances on the field.

“If I hadn’t played soccer, I might have lived a different life, such as becoming a fisherman naturally because I was born in a fishing village. I feel happy that I am playing soccer, which I have liked since I was young, even at my current age. So I also tell the players, ‘Before I think professionally, if I am satisfied with playing my favorite soccer and exercise happily, I can exert a good effect on the field.’ I want to create an atmosphere where the players train comfortably on the field. I can’t say that my method is the answer, but I won’t abandon this guiding philosophy in the future.”

Of course, it is not easy to get a good result if you just enjoy it. Coach Park’s passion for studying tactics and the dedication of his players have combined to make Pohang the No. 1 player.

“I watch a lot of videos of European soccer matches. The important thing is not to imitate them, but to extract the strengths of the teams that played the matches and apply them to see if they fit our players. I find it fun to devise strategies considering various situations. Players also feel joy to achieve the result when they play the soccer they have prepared on the field. Most of the players in our team’s faces also show their desire to play. Many players sacrifice their lives for the team regardless of whether they start or replace. I am grateful as a coach.”

Coach Park’s preparedness is also revealed during the game. If Plan A does not work or the opponent comes up with a different number, it makes an instant change in tactics. It is one of the driving forces behind Pohang’s losing game and winning games. 메이저사이트

“Even if you push ahead with the tactics without modifying them, it can have a positive effect on the outcome of the game. But if you think you want to change something in your personality, you have to change your gut. If you don’t do that, you’ll regret it later. Eventually, you have to try to get results, whether it’s success or failure. If you succeed, it’s best, but if you fail, you can sometimes get tactical hints by making up your mind to ‘think more about it next time.'”

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