The first big league cap’ Today is ‘Kim Ha-sung Day’

The San Diego club designated today as ‘Ha-Sung Kim’s Day’ and unveiled a specially made souvenir.

“The helmet is a little big. Does it look like it?”

As if responding to the special expectations of the club, Kim Ha-seong was hot from the first at-bat.

He pushed hard and hit a huge double.스포츠토토 Then he

stole the third base lightly with a double steal that caught the opponent off guard.

And he homered on a sacrifice fly, effectively taking the lead.

The real highlight was episode 2.

The second at-bat hit by a one-out bases loaded opportunity.

It was driven to two no-ball strikes, but Kim Ha-seong was calm.

He bravely hit his body fastball at 155 km/h and it went over the wall to his left.

“This is Ha-sung Kim’s first career grand slam. San Diego leads 5-0.”

It was the 17th of this season and the first grand slam in his career.

Kim Ha-seong took the ground amid standing ovations from the home fans and shared the joy with his teammates.

With this home run, he became the third Korean hitter to hit the 300 mark, following Choo Shin-soo and Choi Ji-man, and one step closer to becoming the first Asian infielder to hit 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases.

The San Diego club congratulated via social media, saying, “S in Ha-sung Kim’s initials means ‘Grand Slam’ and home run.”

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego]
“It seems to be a very good home run for my career, and I will continue to carry on this energy so that I can do well in tomorrow’s game.”

While Kim Ha-seong led the attack with 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 4 RBIs and 2 runs, San Diego, which also added an infield defense, won 6-2 and escaped its second losing streak.

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