The finale fire fired by ‘Young Guns’

The largest number of gold medals were awarded yesterday, which was actually the last day of the competition.

In particular, the young players of the baseball team, which achieved 4 consecutive wins, and the soccer team, which achieved 3 consecutive wins, decorated the golden finale.레모나토토

Young players under the age of 25 won the championship, marking a spectacular finale to the competition.

Jung Woo-young looked at the ball until the end and hit his head accurately.

He was the top scorer in the competition with 8 goals.

He is the fourth Korean player to do so, following Seo Jeong-won, Hwang Seon-hong, and Hwang Ui-jo.

Even without a goal, Lee Kang-in’s presence as an ace was clear.

The clean ball touch and sharp pass drew cheers.

[Lee Kang-in / National soccer team]
“I feel very happy because I won my first championship representing the country of Korea.”

Congratulations poured in to the 22-year-old prospect, who is also attracting attention in Europe.

Teammate and world-class star Mbappe was also not left out.

Moon Dong-ju roars after striking out.

This is the moment when we succeeded in getting revenge in the finals after overcoming defeat in the preliminaries.

Through this tournament, 20-year-old Moon Dong-ju has emerged as the next-generation ace, following in the footsteps of Yang Hyun-jong and Kim Gwang-hyeon.

[Moon Dong-ju / National Baseball Team]
“I think I was desperate for it. It’s a moment I’ve dreamed of since I was young, so I feel good and crazy.”

The trio of pitchers born in 2003, including Choi Ji-min and Park Young-hyun, are playing a leading role in the generational change.

The national baseball team, which had performed poorly in international competitions, used the Asian Games as an opportunity for a generational change.

There were concerns that it might be the weakest in history, but both justification and practical benefit were taken care of.

The young players gained confidence through this win and even received the gift of exemption from military service.

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