Ten haha, you ignored my warning!”… Manchester United coach’s strike: “It’s a crime to kick out the best man!

South African striker coach Benny McCarthy, who has been working as coach of Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) since 2022, dealt a ‘blow’ to Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag.

What’s going on? This is because of the release of Manchester United’s legendary goalkeeper David de Gea.

De Gea is a Manchester United legend who played 545 games over 12 seasons from 2011 to 2023. However, he was cruelly kicked out at the end of last season. De Gea wanted to stay at Manchester United, accepting a humiliating offer that would cut his salary, but Manchester United eventually let him go. De Gea has yet to find a new team. Manchester United signed Andre Onana instead of De Gea.토토사이트

De Gea’s influence may not be 100%, but Manchester United, who cruelly kicked out the legend, has been shaking from the beginning of the season. Various controversies have erupted, and questions have been raised about coach Ten Haag’s leadership. Manchester United has currently fallen to 9th place in the league after playing the 6th round of the EPL. As many as 10 goals were allowed.

In this situation, Coach McCarthy struck a blow through South Africa’s ‘947 Joburg’, saying, “I warned Ten Haag that he should not let De Gea go. But Ten Haag did not listen to me.”

He continued, “De Gea kept 17 clean sheets in the league last season. He is a really good goalkeeper. One of the best goalkeepers I have ever seen. Of course, I admit he had a few bad games, but it is not a good idea to send such a good goalkeeper away. “It wasn’t,” he emphasized.

McCarthy added: “I worked with De Gea every day, trained with him. You see a lot more than most people see. You only see De Gea on match days and criticize him when he makes mistakes. “If they saw De Gea every day, the critics would be shocked,” he added.

Finally, Coach McCarthy expressed his anger, saying, “It would be a crime for Manchester United to send out a goalkeeper like De Gea.”

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