Suwon Samsung Supporters ‘Relegated to the Second Division’ Statement Against the Appointment of Head Coach Yeom Ki-hoon

Suwon Samsung, which was demoted to the second division of the K-League, has decided to operate next season under Yeom Ki-hoon, and the club’s supporters are opposing it. He criticized the club for showing no willingness to reform it.

Suwon supporter “Frente Tricolo” made an opposition statement on social media on the 19th after reports that the club’s internal decision was made to promote Yeom Ki-hoon, the acting coach, as an official coach.

First of all, acting coach Yeom is not the best choice for his promotion because he has no experience as an official coach.” Acting coach Yeom played on the ground as a “playing coach” until mid-2023 season, and only led the team at the end of the season with the title of acting coach. However, Suwon ended the season at the bottom of the K-League 1, which humiliated the team for the first time in its history.

Above all, Frente Tricolo criticized the club for not showing a willingness to reform. Given the club’s behavior so far, it is questionable whether it will give full control to the manager, adding, “The front desk of the club did not make a choice that was beneficial to the club, but made a choice that suited their taste, putting the team in the abyss.”

He seems to have criticized Suwon’s “real blue” policy of appointing star players as coaches. Suwon claims this as the club’s philosophy, but supporters regard it as a desperate measure that Samsung Electronics, its parent company, has taken while reducing its support. 헤라카지노

In a statement, Suwon supporters set out the formation of a power-enhancing team, appointment of a professional coach, and presentation of their vision through meetings with supporters as requirements. A Suwon official said, “I don’t think it is a criticism of coach Yeom Ki-hoon,” but replied, “We will be able to present our vision through meetings only after the new CEO comes and has enough time to prepare a blueprint.”

CEO Lee Joon and general manager Oh Dong-seok expressed their resignation on the 3rd, when Suwon’s relegation from the second division was confirmed, and delivered their resignation to Samsung Group. An official from Suwon explained, “There is a process to deal with it at the group level, so we have to wait for it at the moment.”

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