Supporter violence in Japanese soccer… JFA disqualifies the Urawa Emperor’s Cup

A group violence incident occurred between supporters in Japanese soccer.

On August 2, during the fourth round of the Emperor’s Cup, more than 70 supporters of the Urawa Reds and Nagoya Grampus clashed and participated in violence. Nagoya supporters made a provocation first, and Urawa supporters became excited and turned into a mob, leading to violence. It is reported that the fight lasted about an hour and caused serious disruption to the game.메이저놀이터

The Japan Football Association (JFA) issued a statement on the 19th and said, “A dangerous and ugly situation unprecedented in Japanese soccer history occurred.” It put many people involved in danger. Scenes that directly contradict the ideology of the Japan Football Association or J-League can never be forgiven. “We will revoke the Urawa Reds’ eligibility to participate in the 2024 Emperor’s Cup and impose strict sanctions on those who participated in the violence,” he announced.

On August 31, the JFA banned 17 people who participated in the violence indefinitely from entering the stadium and banned one person from entering the stadium for five games. Subsequently, on the 21st, the JFA ordered an indefinite ban on four additional Urawa supporters. JFA said that the number of people subject to disposition may increase depending on future investigations. 

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