Super match more important than ever… Suwon and Seoul’s goal is ‘escape

The keyword is ‘escape’.

Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul will face off in the 29th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 2nd. Currently, Suwon is in 11th place in the league with 22 points, and Seoul is in 6th place in the league with 40 points.소닉카지노

The keyword for this game is ‘escape’. The home team, Suwon, is aiming to escape the relegation zone, while the away team, Seoul, is aiming to escape the mid-tier.

First of all, Suwon escaped from the bottom of the league thanks to Bultuis’ winning goal against Jeju United last year, but could not continue the trend in the Gwangju FC expedition. Rather, the atmosphere was completely broken with a 0-4 defeat. It is fortunate for Suwon that Gangwon FC, which competes for the last place, failed to narrow the point gap by drawing with Pohang Steelers after losing to Suwon FC.

Suwon is trying to lay the foundation for escaping relegation by winning the super match. Gangwon lost 0-1 against Daegu FC yesterday and failed to score a point. For Suwon, this is an opportunity to widen the gap. If Suwon wins this game, the point difference between the two teams will increase to 4 points. Suwon may narrow the point gap with 10th place Suwon FC to 4 points. In order to widen the gap with Gangwon and catch up with Suwon FC, we definitely need a win.

At this point where there is no place to retreat, I met Seoul, my biggest rival. Suwon lost both matches against Seoul this season. The last victory was a super match held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in September of last year.

However, this does not mean that there is no pressure in Seoul. The same goes for Seoul, where a rival derby is held at an important time. Seoul, which rose to 2nd place at the beginning of the season, has continued to slump recently, falling to 6th place, and is caught up in a tight battle for mid-ranking place. In addition, Seoul’s head coach changed to acting coach Kim Jin-gyu after former coach Ahn Ik-soo left.

Seoul’s goal is to escape the mid-tier rankings. The idea is to accumulate points again and settle into the top split. Seoul is currently on the same points as 7th place Incheon United. If we do not win this game, we could fall to 7th place depending on the result of Incheon’s game. This is an undesirable result for Seoul, which aims to enter the top split.

Meanwhile, this super match is expected to attract the largest number of spectators at Suwon’s home this season. According to Suwon officials, about 18,000 tickets were sold three days before the game. The largest crowd at Suwon’s home this season was the super match held on June 24, and the official number of spectators counted at that time was 19,513. An official said that the largest number of spectators for Big Bird this season is expected, as the reservation trend for the same period compared to the last Super Match has already exceeded 3,000.

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