Shohei Ohtani Spreads Echo of “God’s Hand” Moving Employees’ Directly… 1.5 Million Replays “It’s a Superstar’s Action”

Club TikTok introduced a “god move” before the game against the Cincinnati Reds.
The reverberation of Ohtani Shohe of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the U.S. Major League Baseball’s pre-game action against the Cincinnati Reds at his home stadium on the 19th (Korea time 20th) is spreading. The number of video views on the Dodgers’ official TikTok has exceeded 1.5 million, and Japanese fans are voicing their impressions, saying, “I don’t think I’ll forget it for the rest of my life,” and “It’s the behavior of a real superstar.”

It was a heart-warming scene. Before the game, there was a boy wearing uniform No. 17 Ohtani with a ball and pen in the front row of the infield seats. However, the fence was blocking the ground, so I couldn’t hand him the ball. Then, Ohtani tactfully checked with the staff by saying, “Can you open the door?” When he opened the door, he signed the ball and gave it to the boy. 먹튀검증

The boy was delighted to receive the prize. The woman, who appeared to be his mother, gave him a high-five, saying, “Good job!” When he gave her a high-five, the man who appeared to be his father was also delighted, saying, “Did you get the autograph? Yay!” The boy finally gave the camera a shout-out, “Let’s go, Dodgers!”

The video, which was introduced as “Shohay Ohtani gave a boy fan the best day ever,” caused a great sensation right after its release. As of Monday (Korea time), the number of views has exceeded 1.5 million. The number of likes has also exceeded 106,000, and there are many comments from Korean and Japanese fans. “A super star’s divine move, I will never forget it,” “Otani is really kind to children,” “What a superstar behavior,” “These kids love baseball, so I think a major leaguer of the future will come out,” and “I want to receive it, too. It’s too far away.”

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