sat down on the ground… In a deep and large hole at the level of a ‘sinkhole’, Suwon FC vs. Incheon stopped for about 10 minutes

The game resumed after being delayed for about 10 minutes due to unexpected circumstances.

Suwon Sports Complex where round 28 of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 between Suwon FC and Incheon United is underway. The game, which was fiercely fighting for the first goal, was stopped for a while.

In the 26th minute of the first half, Hyun Kim got caught in the grass while stepping. Kim Hyun, who suffered a strain on his ankle, complained of discomfort in his ankle. As a result, Incheon Mpoku removed the raised grass by hand, and a deep hole appeared at the level of a ‘sinkhole’.카지노사이트

It was not enough to cover the grass and proceed. Because it was pretty deep. The referee and match supervisor came to the ground to check the situation. When the grass was removed, a large and deep hole was found at a glance. It is a situation where there is a ‘sinkhole’ to the extent that a foot falls out.

Carts scooped up dirt and buried it for emergencies, then covered it with sod. And after the situation was over, it resumed around 37 minutes, about 10 minutes later.

Meanwhile, the match remains in the balance at 0-0.

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