Sangheon and Jaehee falter, Mugosa and Ilyuchenko ‘campaign’…Reorganizing the top scorer’s composition, too

The structure of the top scorer seems to be reorganizing.

The K-League 1 is being reorganized to become the top scorer. Lee Sang-hun (Gangwon FC) is currently the top scorer. Lee Sang-hun has scored eight goals in 14 matches. Incheon United striker Mugosa is also second with eight goals. The two have the same number of matches, but Lee Sang-hun (1029 minutes) is ranking first in the number of times they played, as he is shorter than Mugosa (1069 minutes).

Lee Sang-hun is wearing a Gangwon uniform for the first time in this season. He has garnered seven goals in six matches since the opening of the season, maintaining his position as the top scorer. He has displayed potential that Lee had been paying attention to since Yoon Jeong-hwan was the coach of Ulsan in the past. However, Lee has recently faltered. He has only one goal in five matches. The key to his competition for the top scorer will be the opponent’s check and whether he will score consistently.

Another competitor, Jung Jae-hee (Pohang Steelers, 7 goals), also falters. Jung Jae-hee is the one who leads Pohang’s so-called “Taeha Drama” this season. Four of the seven goals came in the second half of extra time. His strength is his unique explosive dribble breakthrough and calmness at the gate. In particular, Jung Jae-hee shows high efficiency in making seven goals with 13 effective shots. Jung Jae-hee has also been silent for four games since achieving a hat-trick against Gangwon on the 1st.

Mugosa and Ilyushchenko (FC Seoul, seven goals) jumped in. Mugosa returned to Incheon last summer from the Japanese stage. However, he played in nine matches, scoring three goals and one assist, which was uncharacteristic of Mugosa. This season, he showed off his performance without reservation. He is also a penalty kicker, 안전놀이터 accumulating scores one by one. He is the most prolific scorer in his team.

Ilyushchenko is also strengthening his performance in offense in Seoul. He already surpassed the goal record (five goals) of last season. He seems to be creating synergy by reuniting with Kim Ki-dong, who once played with him in Pohang.

In addition, Lee Dong-kyung (Kimcheon Sangmu) played in 12 games as a member of Ulsan HD, and garnered seven goals and five assists. However, he joined the military on April 29. He is waiting for his participation in Gimcheon. When the sergeant-at-arms, who will be discharged from the military in July, take their last vacation next month, he will gradually get a chance to play. If Lee continues to perform as well as he does in Ulsan, he will be able to jump into the top scorer competition.

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