Samcheok is on the verge of becoming an integrated champion

Regular season leader H2 DREAM Samcheok is on the verge of becoming the unified champion.
H2 DREAM Samcheok defeated POSCO Future M 2-0 in the first round of the championship match of the 2023 NH Bank Korea Women’s Go League at the Hankook Kiwon Go TV Studio in Seoul on Monday.

H2 DREAM Samcheok, which is challenging for the championship for the first time in two years, defeated Kisun Kim, the third-designated player, in 237 moves with a black disinheritance against POSCO Future M captain Kim Hye-min, the ninth-designated player. The team’s eldest sister, Cho Hye-yeon, the ninth-designated player, then sealed the victory with a white disinheritance in 182 moves against Kim Kyung-eun, the fourth-designated player.

H2 DREAM Samcheok, which won without captain Kim Chae-young 8th dan, needs just one more win in its remaining two matches to become the first team in the history of the Women’s Go League to win a second title. No team in the Women’s Go League has ever won more than two titles.

On the other hand, POSCO FUTURE M, which is also challenging for a second title after winning the 2017 title, saw its one-two punch in the playoffs come to a screeching halt as the team lost all of its games on the day. POSCO FUTUREM went into the second game with the burden of winning both the second and third games of the championship match to win the title.

In the post-match winner’s interview, Cho Hye-yeon 9 said, “I don’t know how we managed to turn things around after the first game. It was hard to lose to Kim Kyung-eun (in the regular season), but it seems to have worked as a medicine.” “Although the team won, I don’t think we can relax, and I will do my best when I pitch in the second game,” he said.

“I didn’t want to lose to Kim Hye-min, but I think it went well for our team and I felt comfortable,” said Kim Eun-sun, 6th dan, “I want to play with my skills no matter who I play against.” 보스토토

Game 2 will be played on September 9 at 7 p.m., with the order of finish announced at 1 p.m. on the day of the tournament.

With the top four teams from the regular season advancing to the postseason and competing for the final spot in a step-ladder system, the NH Bank Korea Women’s Go League 2023 team prize pool is 55 million won for the championship, 35 million won for the runner-up, 25 million won for the third place, and 15 million won for the fourth place.

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