“Return to the stadium.” Kim Jin-soo said, “There’s nothing more I want to say.” → “I’m going to the club WC.” Ulsan said, “I don’t want to talk about that.”

Jeonbuk Hyundai captain Kim Jin-soo once again bowed his head about his exit from the match against Jeju United.

Jeonbuk beat Seoul 3-2 in an away match of the eighth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Tuesday. Jeonbuk, which has won its second consecutive league championship, has elevated its ranking to eighth place with two wins, three draws and three losses, and nine points.

It is the first win in a row this season. Jeonbuk, which had three draws and two losses under Petrescu, ended up breaking up with Petrescu and put forward Park Won-jae as its acting coach. It lost 2-3 in the match against Gangwon FC, but won against Gwangju FC and gained three points in the match against Seoul, securing a winning streak. It will also continue its undefeated streak against Seoul for seven years since July 2017.

Captain Kim Jin-soo started as a left-back on the day and assisted Jeon Byung-kwan in the come-from-behind winning goal to help his team win the game. At the 5th minute in the second half when the score was 2-2, Jeon connected a cross from the right side with a fantastic overhead kick to score the winning goal.

Kim Jin-soo, who faced reporters at the mixed zone (joint coverage area) after the game, first expressed his gratitude to his teammates who worked hard until the end to win.

Kim Jin-su said, “As captain, I am grateful that the players worked really hard to win. I also fell in love with the players’ hard work and tried to work hard, but I think the result is a real relief.”

He said he only learned about his undefeated record in the match against Seoul right before the match. “I learned for the first time that Seoul had not beaten us for several years through pre-match meetings,” Kim Jin-su said. “Which team was strong and weak was not the issue. We are currently at our weakest position, so we tried hard to play without such issues.”

Kim Jin-soo was sent off for a non-manner play against Jeju defender Kim Tae-hwan in the last match against Jeju, which was met with public criticism. In the game, which was a return match, he showed a captaincy by actively intervening whenever the players were excited and calming the situation.

“If I have a bad performance and I start to have problems, I think it’s a problem first,” Kim Jin-su said. “When I’m in a bad mood, everything from one to ten is a problem. I tried to cheer him up first, and I tried to stay calm first. I tried to tell good things to my players, too. I think that came out on the field.” 퀸알바

“I was reflecting on myself a lot that I should not do before. I also thought that I should change first because I am a representative player, the captain of this team, and many people are watching me,” he said. “I think I came out of the stadium a lot when I thought I was the right captain for our team only when I showed a little more manners on the field and led as the captain of this team.”

When asked if she had anything else to say to her fans by Kim Jin-su, who had even posted an apology on her social networking service, she replied, “No, I should never make such a mistake again because I think I should apologize accurately for what I did wrong. Now that I am the captain and a veteran of this team, I felt most sorry for my fans after doing such a thing. I also said I was sorry to the club and to the players who suffered because of me, and I cared the most about it.”

“If I do something wrong to the fans, I will of course be criticized and I think that’s what my position is like as a soccer player. There is nothing else I want to say, and I want to say thank you for coming so much even though it’s cold and raining,” he added.

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