Qatar is salty”… Heo Hoon “Don’t you usually give me cheers?

Well, don’t they usually cheer?”

Heo Hoon (executive director), who leads the Korean men’s national team’s attack, met with reporters in the mixed zone after the second match of Group D of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games men’s group stage between Qatar and Qatar held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in China on the 28th and asked this question.레고토토

This is because the Chinese spectators who came to watch the basketball game that day unilaterally cheered for Qatar. Chinese spectators chanted “Jjayo” when Qatar got the ball, and even booed when Korea increased the score.

Is it because of this atmosphere? In this day’s game, Korea defeated Qatar 76-64, but was shaky, scoring only two points in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter. It was a moment of crisis when the game could have been lost. Heo Hoon said, “In the first and second quarters, of course, we put pressure on the opponent and increased the score, but as the second half went on, we became complacent, so we relaxed a little mentally.” He added, “Because we are all good players, that aspect will gradually improve.” He continued, “It is fortunate that this issue was discovered ahead of the important game (against Japan),” and emphasized, “We will make improvements.”

The men’s basketball team will face Japan on the morning of the 30th. Both teams have won two games in a row, so someone has to suffer a loss. The winner of today’s match will advance directly to the quarterfinals, while the loser will be pushed to the round of 12. Heo Hoon emphasized, “The Korea-Japan game is held at 11 a.m., so it may be a difficult time for our players to adjust,” adding, “But I really want to win the Korea-Japan game.” He then said, “It’s a holiday in Korea, so please watch basketball while eating delicious food with your family,” and expressed his determination, saying, “We will definitely show you winning.”

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