Park Geon-ha, a commentator on TSG, said, “It’s time to analyze and learn, and you can study leaders.”

“There are many things I learn and feel. I can study leaders.”

Former Suwon Samsung coach Park Geon-ha took down the baton in April 2022. He stepped down as the coach due to poor performance, but in the 2021 season when he was leading the team, he led his team to the Final A. Currently, he is a technical committee member of the Technical Research Group of the Korea Football Association. Starting this month, he has returned to the K-League 2 as a commentator. He has been busy touring the field.

Park broadcasted matches between Cheonan City FC and Gyeongnam FC in the fifth round of the K-League 2, and between Chungnam Asan and Cheonan in the seventh round. Of course, the team is coordinating schedules so as not to overlap with TSG technical committee members’ activities. It is the first time in seven years that Park has taken the microphone since 2017. First of all, K-League 2 is expected to be broadcasted 2-3 times a month.

When I contacted him recently, he said, “It was a little hard to talk after a long time. I was worried,” and then laughed, “I thought I might have said I was going to be a commentator. As I started again, I made mistakes, but it was fun and reminded me of old memories. I think I didn’t forget because I tried it.”

While doing both TSG and commentary that analyze games professionally, one has no choice but to watch soccer from a broader perspective than the coach’s. “You have to analyze basically to explain. Otherwise, you’ll notice,” Park said. “Naturally, I think we can analyze teams and identify players,” adding, “When I’m a coach, I often only see my team and the opponent within a team. As we’re one step away, I have to explain from a different perspective. I can see it clearly from a broader perspective.” TSG and commentator activities are helpful.

TSG Technical Committee member Park, who has been active since last season, analyzes the game from various angles and shares his general review through evaluation meetings. The team will select the best 11 players and MVP in the round, and will also be involved in selecting Coach of the Month award and Young Player of the Year award. As such, the team carefully monitors the game.

“When I look at various teams, I think, ‘This is how coach Lee does it’. I can learn tactics,” Park said. “Tactics are important, but when I look at a team that is good, (the players) are good at playing and have a high level of concentration. I also feel it is important to make the players play well. No matter how good the tactic is, it is of no use to a player unless the player runs. I think how to motivate (the players) is also an important factor. I get to watch with interest.” 노래방알바

Many people return to leadership after serving as technical committee member of TSG. Park Tae-ha, who served as technical committee chairman of the Korea Professional Football Association last year, took the helm of the Pohang Steelers. Also, coaches Choi Yoon-gyeom at Cheongju FC in North Chungcheong Province and Kim Tae-wan at Cheonan City FC have moved from technical committee member to coach. Former coach Park also has strong commitment towards leadership.

“It’s not easy to go to the field. There are things that I feel and listen to while I am on the field through TSG or broadcasting. I learn a lot. In a way, I continue to work as a coach (as a commentator with TSG). As I closely watch the game on the field, I naturally learn not only about soccer but also about leadership. If you are far away (from the field), you have no choice but to know. You have to analyze and pay attention to it,” he said.

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