Parents, I understand how you feel, but I still can’t do it

These days, the reporter is writing an article covering kickback transactions related to scouting soccer players. The gist of this is that high school and college leaders and agents receive money from parents and hand over black money to professional team leaders and high-ranking officials of professional teams on the premise of recruiting players. Prosecutors are currently investigating the bribery transactions of the Ansan professional soccer team and have indicted the agent and professional manager. However, for an investigation conducted by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, the scope, results, and impact are not very impressive. ‘Taesan Myeongdong Seoilpil’ should not be the result of the investigation.

The reporter received tips from several players’ parents. Many testimonies say that as a parent, he had no choice but to give money to a leader who paved the way for his children, even though he knew it was wrong. However, the leader demanded a large amount of money, and the parents could not refuse. The offer to find a good job for a child who may be unemployed after graduation was a sweet temptation. At the same time, he was tempted by the manager’s temptation to not worry about money because he would receive a large contract fee from a professional team. In this way, the parents handed over a significant amount of the future contract deposit to the manager in advance, and the money went to the leaders and high-ranking officials of the professional team. The professional team ‘returned the favor’ by paying a contract fee and recruiting the player.

There are not many parents who are willing to participate in this dark trade. Parents continued to worry. Even though I knew it was wrong, I took the black hand and ended up becoming a bribe giver. Parents continue to hold their breath, fearing that their children will be disadvantaged even if they join a professional team. Even if you do not receive compensation for giving money, you cannot argue or fight.바카라

Parents want to do anything for their children. Still, handing over black money is clearly wrong. This is taking away opportunities from other players who have neither money nor power. At the same time, it ultimately contributed to the fact that black trade was not eradicated and spread like poisonous mushrooms. One parent said, “I thought for a long time about whether or not I should give kickback money. “If the amount had been small, I would have responded,” he said. One parent confessed, “When I see my parents handing over kickbacks and their children receiving large down payments and going to good clubs, I sometimes reflect on whether I may have done something wrong.”

Most parents who give kickbacks keep it completely secret. This is partly because he knows he did something wrong, and partly because he is worried that his child, who is currently playing, may be harmed in some way. Some parents do not speak up because it was a back and forth transaction and the purpose was achieved. On the other hand, parents who gave money but did not receive anything in return belatedly demanded a refund from the director, threatening to expose the bribery. As suspicions of kickbacks are revealed to be true, those who speak out are parents who failed to achieve their goals even after giving money or who did not give kickbacks at all.

A request to parents of student athletes: Even if parents want to grasp at straws, bribes are not allowed. The black trade must be eliminated and the scout board must be purified. We also warn leaders and agents who take advantage of parents’ wishes for the best of their children to fulfill their own interests, as well as professional team leaders and high-ranking officials who ‘return the favor’ with public funds after receiving the money. You are the ones polluting the soccer field and will be punished one way or another. Are the demands to place more importance on social justice than unfair profits really in vain?

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