‘One Step Late Start’ Suwon, Yeom Ki-hoon-ho’s top priority is ‘strengthening power’

Suwon Samsung’s top priority, preparing for next season under the leadership of Park Kyung-hoon and Yeom Ki-hoon, is to strengthen its power.

Suwon was demoted for the first time in the club’s history last year. After the team was demoted to Gangwon FC after the final match, an electronic sign reading “We will become Suwon Samsung that will be reborn with the determination to re-establish itself.” The team’s demotion is already irreversible. Suwon fans waited for the team, hoping that it would prepare for the new season with the determination to renew its commitment.

However, the team did not respond to the fans’ wait. Suwon remained silent for nearly a month.

The posting that was uploaded on Suwon’s official SNS was also Suwon City’s statement on the joint use of the Suwon World Cup Stadium, not the appointment of a coach or a new front desk director. The cries of Suwon fans who ran on the post days ago were echoes that never came back.

Suwon, which had been silent, opened its mouth in about a month. Suwon announced on the 8th and 9th that it had appointed a new general manager and manager. The news of the appointment of Park Kyung-hoon and Yeom Ki-hoon came out one day apart. Park Kyung-hoon became the eighth general manager of Suwon and the first soccer player in 14 years since Ahn Ki-hun. Suwon acting coach Legend Yeom Ki-hoon, who experienced demotion at the end of last season at the helm of the team, was labeled as an acting manager.

Finally, the head coach to lead Suwon in the upcoming season has been decided, and the general manager has also been appointed.

Suwon’s administration, however, came quite late compared to other teams. In order for Suwon to achieve its goal of promotion, its competitors in the upcoming race next season are already running the course of recruiting players, not hiring coaches. Suwon’s start was at least one shot, or more late than that.

As the appointment of coach and general manager has been delayed, Suwon naturally has a slower start than other teams in the 2024 season. If the team starts late, it has to run faster. That is unless it wants to fall behind in the promotion race. This makes Suwon all the more urgent. This is not a training story. Suwon reportedly started its team training on Tuesday. 헤라카지노도메인

Suwon’s top priority is strengthening its power capability. So far, most of the news related to Suwon has been about the transfer of players to other teams. Some players have already left, while others have virtually confirmed their transfer to the team. While many people talk about players who are leaving the team, it is hard to hear names of players who come to Suwon.

K-League 2 is a jungle. It is a formidable stage. In order to survive and escape from a jungle that was isolated for the first time, a formidable opponent must be prepared. However, Suwon has yet to even take care of a jungle, let alone a compass.

Reinforcing power is the first task for Park and Yeom Ki-hoon. Now is the time for synergy between Yeom Ki-hoon, a coach who can be confident that he knows Suwon’s internal situation better than anyone else, and Park Kyung-hoon, a former soccer team leader, to match the title.

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