Noreen E-Land in the First Half – Bucheon Prepared for the Second Half, Result Draws 1-1

The 14th round of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” between Seoul E-Land and Bucheon FC held at Mokdong Stadium on the 21st.

On weekends and weekdays, the coaches of the two teams displayed conflicting cards. E-Land coach Kim Do-kyun came out with the best 11 without any change. “I thought a lot about it. There are some members on the offensive side who can rotate, but there are none below. I thought about playing in the second half to see the result,” he said. “We lost a lot of points in the second half. As strikers tend to fall in the second half, we will score first and then lead the game.”

On the other hand, Bucheon manager Lee Young-min took out the rotation card. “We can say that the squad is weaker than other teams, but the difference between the players is not that big. I thought about it, and I decided it would be better to do a rotation,” Lee said. He said he would take out the “Ace” Ahn Jae-jun card in the second half after returning from injury. Lee said, “If I fail to score a goal today, I will get in trouble. (Laughs) E-Land will go into the second half and aim for a goal as defenders continue to play. I am not in perfect physical condition as I just returned, but if I score now as I am increasing my time, I will find more confidence.”

The game went as the coaches of both teams intended. E-Land scored the first goal. He scored with his first shot. Park Min-seo, who was running on the left side in a counterattack in the 28th minute, sent a fantastic early cross. Lee Dong-ryul caught the ball in a no-mark situation. He shook the Bucheon net with a calm left-footed shot in the face of the goalkeeper. E-Land aimed for additional goals with Bruno Silva and Ikova at the center, but unfortunately failed to make a goal.

If the first half was E-Land’s time, the second half was up to Bucheon. At the start of the second half, Lee excluded Park Hyun-bin, Yoo Seung-hyun, and Lee Eui-hyung and added Kaz, Choi Byung-chan, and Ahn Jae-jun. Bucheon, which created a chance from the start, equalized the score in the 18th minute. Lee Jung-bin crossed from the left. Vasani jumped in and connected with a header to E-Land’s net. Both teams played the following matches, but failed to produce the winning goal. In the end, the match ended 1-1: E-Land (19 points) moved up to third place, and Bucheon (17 points) moved down to eighth place. 메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, at the same time, the team beat Suwon Samsung 1-0 in a home game held at the Yi Sun-shin Stadium with Hwang Ki-wook’s winning goal during extra time in the second half. The team is now on the verge of losing consecutive games. Suwon, on the other hand, has suffered a shock four-game losing streak. At the Gwangyang Football Stadium, the South Jeolla Dragons and North Chungcheong Province tied 1-1.

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