“Multi-year contract-I hate all FA” SSG, Lee Ji-young recruit “shock reversal”… Kim Min-sik, Nakdonggang River

Will Kim Min-sik become a duck egg on the Nakdong River, but will he still be able to find a new team.

It’s a surprise twist. Kim Min-sik let his guard down, and SSG Landers, who had to make a decision, found a trick called Lee Ji-young. What will Kim Min-sik’s fate look like now.

SSG and Kiwoom Heroes made an unexpected announcement on Wednesday at the same time. Lee Ji-young’s sign and trade. FA catcher Lee Ji-young could not find contact with Kiwoom at all. It was the second FA, but other teams did not dare to recruit him as a FA due to large compensation as it was a B-grade player.

Lee Ji-young found a breakthrough on her own. There was only one way. It was a sign-and-trade. Lee Ji-young had to actively search for the team, match the card, and ask Kiwoom for leniency. Lee Ji-young visited Kiwoom Ko Hyung-wook last week. Ko expressed his intention to open the way for Kiwoom as long as it was conditions for the team to lose.

It was SSG that saved Lee Ji-young. The situation struck superbly. Negotiations with FA catcher Kim Min-sik were difficult for SSG. Kim Min-sik maintained a high posture in negotiations by taking advantage of his C grade, but SSG did not falter. SSG, which also recruited Park Dae-on and Shin Bum-soo in the second draft, was well worth bouncing around the abacus. It would have been wise to bring Lee Ji-young at a cheaper price than to spend “a lot of money” on Kim Min-sik. Ultimately, SSG decided to give Lee 400 million won for two years, 250 million won in cash and a nomination right to Kiwoom as well as the third round of next year’s rookies. The nomination right is 650 million won in total. Although it is not easy to judge the nomination right away with cash, the team has brought in a catcher who can be used as the starting player for two years at less than 1 billion won.

Kim Min-sik is embarrassed. It cannot be concluded that the possibility of staying at SSG has completely disappeared, but the atmosphere of staying at SSG has almost disappeared. SSG, which has spent some budget on recruiting Lee Ji-young, has no choice but to lower the amount than the previous offer if Kim Min-sik wants to remain. SSG had also proposed a fairly large non-FA multi-year contract before Kim Min-sik applied for the FA. Kim Min-sik refused and went to the FA market, but he did not feel guilty and entered into negotiations.

As mentioned above, Kim is in a C-grade position, which requires less compensation. There is ample possibility for him to move to another team that wants catcher’s resources. He has ample capability to play in both offense and defense. Rumors are also circulating about his new destination. However, if he chooses to back up a team that has a strong starting lineup, Kim will naturally feel uncomfortable. Considering his experience and skills, chances were high that he would continue to play as a starting lineup in the SSG. There is no more important value to a player than to play in a game. 랭크카지노

Money is also a problem. At a time when each team is almost finished, it is unclear whether there will be a team that can match the amount that Kim Min-sik wants. Even if it is a C grade, 150% of the previous year’s annual compensation will be incurred. The annual salary was 150 million won, so it is more than 200 million won. This is also a factor that will inevitably reduce Kim Min-sik’s ransom if he goes to another team.

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