Local media predicted, “Kim Ha-sung, the team that needs it, there are 17… We will exchange it with the starting pitcher.”

Major League Baseball (MLB) clubs are paying keen attention to Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres).

The U.S. Major League Trade Rumors (MLBTR) introduced Kim Ha-sung’s trade rumors on the 15th (Korea time), saying, “Kim Ha-sung is already receiving widespread attention from many teams.”

Citing a report by The Athletic’s Dennis Lin, the media explained, “Kim Ha-sung has a mutual option in 2025 after receiving an annual salary of $8 million in 2024, but the possibility of implementing the option is slim at the moment.”

If traded, the opponent team’s salary is highly likely to be a starting pitcher. “Jackson Merrill, the most promising player in San Diego’s team, could join the big league in the new season. We desperately need to recruit a starting pitcher,” said Bob Nightingale of USA Today. “San Diego is selling valuable infielder Kim Ha-sung to recruit a pitcher.”

It is well worth it. “Kim Ha-sung was disappointing during the rookie season, but he has displayed better-than-average offense, excellent base running, and top-notch defense since then. He also received the National League’s Gold Glove in the utility sector in recognition of his omnidirectional defense capabilities including second, third, and shortstop,” MLBTR said. “About half of the teams in the league can show interest in Kim Ha-sung.”

There is also a way to sign an extension contract after recruitment, and he is expected to be a good player even if not. The media added, “Kim Ha-sung is certain to receive a qualifying offer. Even if he moves to an FA (free agent), he can receive a draft pick as a reward.”

Media outlets pointed out a total of 17 teams as candidates for destination. With excellent defense, diverse positions and batting skills, Kim Ha-sung is necessary for most teams. “Nearly half of the league can bid (in the recruitment game),” the media said. “Kim Ha-sung, who is paid 8 million dollars a year, is also suitable for small market teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Guardians, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Kansas City Royals. However, Tampa Bay is the only team that will try to win the World Series, so he may “all-in” to recruit Kim.” 랭크카지노도메인

“The Milwaukee Brewers, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Seattle Mariners, the San Francisco Giants, the Los Angeles Angels, the Detroit Tigers, the Chicago Cubs, and the Miami Marlins all have empty seats in the infield. However, San Francisco may not trade because it is the same National League West,” the media said. “In order to recruit Kim Ha-sung, the Minnesota Twins, the Atlanta Braves, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Philadelphia Phillies, etc. need to transfer existing players. However, we cannot rule out being aggressive.”

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