Lee Kang-in, who has been properly vaccinated against ‘accumulated exit of warnings’, will not affect the finals of the 亞 Cup… He can play against Bahrain on the 15th

“Golden Boy” Lee Kang-in got a proper vaccination ahead of the Asian Cup.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, won 1-0 in the final warm-up match against Iraq at the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar at New York University Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 6th (Korea time).

South Korea scored the first goal in the 40th minute of the first half when Lee Jae-sung’s cannonball shot penetrated the Iraqi goal. Since then, there has been no additional goal, but the team has successfully completed the final mock test by keeping one goal well.

Regardless of the result of victory, Korea received a proper vaccination just before the Asian Cup. In particular, it was a “special” day for Lee Kang-in, who was sent off due to accumulation of warnings in the 86th minute of the second half.
Lee Kang-in received his first warning in the 69th minute after being substituted in the second half. And in the 86th minute, he was sent off for a second warning due to a struggle after a nerve war against Yahia, Iraq.

It was a moment that felt like a direct exit because the situation for the first warning could not be accurately grasped. However, as it was revealed that the warnings were accumulated, there was no big problem with the judgment itself. Of course, it was difficult to understand that Yahia, who first hit Lee Kang-in in the face, ended up with a warning.

All teams participating in the Asian Cup know that Lee Kang-in is a key player for the Republic of Korea. Under the Klinsmann regime, he scored four goals and three assists, achieving the second most offensive points after Son Heung-min (6 goals and two assists).

There was no attack point in the match against Iraq, but the passes to Seol Young-woo and Son Heung-min were clearly sharp.

Therefore, it is natural for the opposing team to check the opponent team’s concentration. If war of nerves and physical fights continue like this one in Iraq, it will be the Republic of Korea that will lose money. 헤라카지노주소

Various issues arise at the Asian Cup. The intentional induction of the opponent team’s war of nerves and dubious judgment can be fully calculated. We should not just reveal complaints and complaints. In the end, we can only see the top of Asia in 64 years only when we overcome this part.
After the match against Iraq, the Korea Football Association said, “Lee was judged and sent off due to accumulation of warnings in the 69th minute of the second half and 86th minute of the second half. This exit is not linked to his participation in the Asian Cup.”

There is no more fortunate news for South Korea. Lee Kang-in should play the ace role with Son Heung-min. His creativity and accurate pass skills are needed to break the dense defense unique to Asia.

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