Lee Jung-hoo, 169km bullet hit! Successful hit in three consecutive games, but silent again… SF 3-2 PIT

San Francisco Giants Lee Jung-hoo continued his three-game hitting streak.

In the last three consecutive home games against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Oracle Park on Tuesday (Korea time), Lee Jung-hoo played as a center fielder at the leadoff, recording one hit in four times at bat, contributing to his 3-2 victory. However, he bowed his head again at the scoring position, leaving regret.

Lee, who had one hit each in the three consecutive games, saw his batting average fall from 0.270 to 0.269 (28 hits in 104 times at bat). He maintained two homers, seven RBIs and 13 runs, while his on-base percentage (0.333), slugging percentage (0.356) and OPS (0.689) all fell.

Notably, the batting average for scoring goals also fell from 0.222 to 0.211 (five hits in 19 times at bat). The San Francisco Giants’ batting average is lower than the 0.238 in scoring goals. Critics point out that even if the team is a table setter, it should secure a certain portion of the batting average for scoring goals.

Lee Jung-hoo, the first batter in two days, was out with a fly in his first at-bat in the first inning. He hit Pittsburgh right-hander Jarrett Johnson’s 98.8-mile fastball well, but was caught by center fielder Michael A Taylor at a flying distance of 341 feet after flying 95.8 miles.

However, Jones’ changeup at the batter’s box for the second time in the third inning made a hit. San Francisco took the lead by 2-0 with consecutive hitters by leadoff Tyro Estrada and Mike Yastremski in the third inning.

Tyler Fitzgerald, the ninth batter, hit a left-handed hit, creating another chance with no outs and runners on the first base. Lee Jung-hoo, who then appeared on the stage, hit a 88.2 mile changeup in the middle of Jones’ third pitch with the ball count of 1B1S, flying fast at 105.1 miles (169 kilometers) and hitting a line drive hit that landed in front of center field. The first baseman, Fitzgerald, advanced to the third base, allowing no outs and runners on the first and third bases.

A local broadcaster said, “We had four consecutive hits, but nothing is cheap. Breaking balls were high again this time. A player like Lee Jung-hoo who has great skills in hitting has added momentum to our offense. Home runs, home runs, singles, and singles are in order.”

With Lee Jung-hoo’s hit, San Francisco’s structure of offense is increasing. Lamont Wade Jr. then hit a sacrifice fly to center field to bring Fitzgerald home, widening the gap to 3-0.

Lee Jung-hoo advanced to second base with Matt Chapman’s right-handed hit, but no additional points were scored as subsequent Michael Confoto and Patrick Bailey stepped down with consecutive grounders.

While Pittsburgh made up for one point by hitting a grounder to shortstop to Jared Triol with runners on second and third bases with no outs in the top of the fifth inning, Lee Jung-hoo retired with a fly to right field with no outs and runners on first base with no outs in the bottom of the fifth inning with a 3-1 lead. Jones’ third low slider on a two strike was pulled to hit a 93.8-mile line drive to the right field. 먹튀검증

In the seventh inning, when the lead was tying 3-1. Lee Jung-hoo took the batter’s box at the fourth inning with two runners on. With two outs, Yastremsky hit a hit to the right, and Fitzgerald hit a double falling in front of the left fielder in the sunshine, creating a chance for the second and third bases. Then, the opposing pitching coach took the mound. Lee hit right-handed Luis Otis’ fastball 96.1 miles toward the body with the ball count 1B2S, but it missed and floated high before being caught by the left fielder. He thus regrettably suffered from the chance to score an additional point.

San Francisco Giants starter Keaton Winning pitched six innings in a stable manner, allowing three hits and one run, to win his third game (three losses) of the season. He lowered his ERA from 3.54 to 3.18. Left-handers Eric Miller (no hit in one inning) and Ryan Walker (no hit in one inning) respectively posted hold, and while Camillo was unstable in provocations, he allowed two hits and one run in one inning and recorded five saves for the season.

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