LAD, observed from middle school 3 “I fell in love with Jang Hyun-seok’s fighting spirit

Jang Hyun-seok’s strength is his fighting spirit.”

Super high school level right-handed pitcher Jang Hyun-seok (19, Masan Yongmago) is the third Korean pitcher to wear a LA Dodgers uniform, following “Korean Express” Park Chan-ho and “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays). . Jang Hyun-seok, who is challenging the American stage, threw a ballot, saying, “I want to become a starting pitcher representing the Dodgers.”

In particular, the Los Angeles Dodgers showed sincerity by putting in a lot of effort to recruit Jang Hyun-seok. After watching and analyzing Jang Hyun-seok’s growth for several years, when there was no room in the international amateur bonus pool (the maximum amount of contracts for international players assigned to each club) this year, he succeeded in capturing Jang Hyun-seok by securing funds through trade with promising players.

John Dibble, director of scouting for the Los Angeles Dodgers Pacific Region, who attended the press conference for Jang Hyeon-seok joining the Los Angeles Dodgers held at the Dragon City Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 14th said, “I have been interested in Hyun-seok Jang for quite some time. He has been steadily reviewing since 2020, when he was in his third year of middle school, and seven scouts in the club unanimously agreed to Jang Hyun-suk’s contract.”

Then, what was the reason for pointing out Jang Hyun-seok? There must be many reasons, such as a strong physique of 190 cm and 90 kg, a fast ball with a maximum speed of 157 km per hour, and excellent breaking balls such as curves and sliders. However, director John Dibble picked Jang Hyun-seok’s desire to win and his fighting spirit first of all.

Director John Dibble said, “Jang Hyun-seok has excellent restraint, physical condition, and the ability to use breaking balls.” Fighting spirit is Jang Hyun-seok’s greatest strength,” he emphasized. He continued, “When I watched the last game in Mokdong, the pitching was impressive. At the time, he talked, but his curiosity and desire to learn were great. I thought the synergy with our club would be good,” he added.

Jang Hyun-seok has a strong will to win and a strong fighting spirit. The most important thing for him, who is preparing for the minor leagues, is not to lose his fighting spirit. So, following the Korean Express and Korean Monster, Jang Hyun-seok seems to be the ‘Korean Midget’. He hopes that his heart for the big leagues will not be broken.메이저놀이터

Here, the LA Dodgers is a famous restaurant with a well-developed ‘pitcher training’ system. Jang Hyun-seok plans to work hard to enter the major leagues by digesting the Dodgers club’s high-level training program. Rumor has it that he is already undergoing training according to his training program.

Director John Dibble said, “The first thing for our club is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of players. We will examine Jang Hyun-seok’s physical condition in detail to find out his strengths and weaknesses,” he said. In fact, this is the reason Jang Hyun-suk chose the LA Dodgers. On this day, Jang Hyeon-seok explained the reason for the choice, saying, “I chose the Dodgers because they are known to be the best at pitcher development out of 30 clubs.”

In addition, Jang Hyun-seok received an exemption from military service and took the opportunity to cross the Pacific Ocean. He is the only high school player to wear the Taegeuk mark on the Korean national baseball team for the Hangzhou Asian Games to be held in September. The Dodgers have no choice but to welcome the resolution of the military service issue. So he promised full support.

Director John Deebel said, “I think it is positive that Jang Hyun-seok is selected for the national team in international competitions such as the Asian Games and the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He promised to actively support it.”

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