Klinsmann “Jung Woo-young mentioned a lot of German headlines… “I feel good about letting people know about military issues, etc.”

National soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann did not hide his pride in the performance of Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart).

Coach Klinsmann said at the pre-match press conference against Tunisia held at Paju NFC (National Football Team Training Center) on the afternoon of the 12th, “I hope (Jung Woo-young) continues his performance with his team and in the competition (Asian Games) and shows a good performance. Jung Woo-young started the season well not only in the Asian Games but also with the team. I hope he shows well in the two-game series. He will know the meaning of a gold medal. He said, “I hope we can continue the positive atmosphere in the second match.”

Jung Woo-young participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and was the top scorer with eight goals. He was the ‘ace’ of the Asian Games national team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong. Many people thought of Son Heung-min when they saw Jung Woo-young, who scored a lot of goals while wearing the number 7, which symbolizes an ace. That’s how Jung Woo-young’s performance was unrivaled.메이저사이트

Director Klinsmann said, “It was mentioned a lot in the headlines in Germany. It was the same in Stuttgart, but German people became aware of Korea’s military problems and the meaning of the Asian Games. “I feel good that Jung Woo-young played a big role in Germany,” he said, giving a thumbs up. Even in Germany, interest in Jung Woo-young has grown due to his performance in the Asian Games. 

We also talked about its value in the national team. Coach Klinsmann said, “Jung Woo-young had a difficult season at Freiburg last season. Since his transfer, his playing time has increased and he is showing good form. He felt good because he scored a lot during the Asian Games. “His performance was quite impressive,” he said. “Jung Woo-young, like Son Heung-min, can play both the side and the center. “I think he needs to think a little more about how to use it while training.” 

Korea will play a friendly match against Tunisia at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th. Four days later, we will clash with Vietnam. Coach Klinsmann said, “This is the last friendly match before the second round of the World Cup qualifiers begin. I want to finish both games with good results. “I hope the fans will come and support me, and I want to present a good game,” he said. “This is the fourth convocation.” I hope it will be an opportunity for growth ahead of the Asian Cup. The players and we have come to understand each other a lot. “I want to get good results and prepare well for the upcoming World Cup second round qualifiers and the Asian Cup,” he pledged. 

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