Kiwoom, the ‘first top 10 since its founding’, will hold the ‘2023 season closing camp’ in Wonju, Gangwon-do starting on the 22nd.

Kiwoom Heroes will hold a finishing camp from the 22nd to November 26th at the Taejang Sports Complex baseball stadium in Wonju, Gangwon-do.

A total of 45 people, including coach Hong Won-ki, 35 players, and 10 coaching staff, will participate. While the camp list was comprised mainly of prospects and new players, some players who played in the first team this season, such as Lim Ji-yeol, Kim Dong-hyuk, and Park Soo-jong, were also included. The 2024 new players will join starting November 1.

The goal of this camp is to strengthen individual skills through basic training. In addition to technical training, mountaineering and Pilates programs are also provided for mental management and injury prevention.메이저놀이터

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “As this is the first step in preparing for next year’s season, we plan to conduct intensive training. Through this training, we plan to discover prospects for each position and intensively check the skills of new faces such as rookies.”

Meanwhile, Kiwoom, which ranked 10th for the first time since its founding, began preparations for the 2024 season early and confirmed the first team and Future Team coaching staff.

The first team is led by coach Hong Won-ki, with head coach Kim Chang-hyun, bullpen coach Ma Jeong-gil, battery coach Park Do-hyeon, hitting coach Oh Yoon, and defense coach Kwon Do-young coaching the players. The vacant positions will be filled with coaches who were in charge of the Futures team until last year. Pitching coach Seung-ho Lee, first base and outfield defense coach Chan-jong Moon, and operations and base running coach Jeong-eum Park will join as first-team coaches.

The Futures team is led by manager Seol Jong-jin, pitching coach Song Shin-young, battery coach Kim Dong-woo, hitting coach Kim Tae-wan, and infield defense coach Chae Jong-guk. Park Jun-tae, who announced his retirement at the end of the 2023 season, begins his leadership career as the Future Steam outfield and base running coach.

The rehabilitation and remaining teams are handled by pitching coach Noh Byeong-oh and fielding coach Kang Byeong-sik.

It was decided not to renew contracts with operations and base running coach Jae-sang Park, who served as first team coach until this season, and first base and outfield defense coach Ji-soo Kim.

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