Kim Jong-min, “Of course, if you are a player, you dream of playing for the national team… Even if you are older than me, you will play for the national team.”

Jeonnam Dragons striker Kim Jong-min, who has scored eight goals in 11 games this season and is writing a “life-changing drama,” revealed his dream for the national team.

Jeonnam lost 0-2 to FC Anyang in the 15th round of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 away game at Anyang Stadium on the 26th, but did not miss a chance to dominate the number due to the exit of the opponent.

Kim Jong-min, who scored two goals after the second half of the day to pave the way for his team’s 3-2 come-from-behind victory, said in a press conference, “I am happy to win the game as a result of the players’ solidarity and fighting against a strong team called Anyang until the end.”

“Minister Lee asked me to fight well in the front and play actively,” Kim Jong-min said. “I think it’s because other players helped me well and even lucked out (although I mentioned earlier) this season.”

“I can’t start every game. I’m alternating between Hanam and starting and replacing, but I have no conflict with Hanam at all in that regard. Rather, we talked a lot about how to do each other and got along well. We will go back to Gwangyang and talk more,” he added.

Kim Jong-min, who played in the first K-League 2 at Cheonan City FC last season and moved to South Jeolla Province this season, said, “All the players had a hard time last year (at the bottom of the list) and I was also disappointed. When I came to South Jeolla Province, however, everything I have to do has led to good results.”

“It’s the first time I’ve been asked a question about the top scorer in my professional career. Still, if I do what I have to do, I think I’ll get a goal naturally,” Kim Jong-min said with humility. 토토사이트

Prior to the interview with Su-hoon, Minister Lee praised Kim Jong-min’s ability, saying, “Kim Jong-min is a player who can also go to the national team.”

“All players dream of becoming a member of the national team. I saw an older player join the national team,” Kim Jong-min said. “I will focus on promoting Jeonnam to the K-League 1 for now and do my best,” vowing to dedicate myself to the team rather than to individuals.

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