Kim Cheon Managing Director’s first win against Anyang, protagonist ‘first hat trick since the team was founded’ politician

Thanks to the performance of the politician who scored the first hat trick since the team was founded, Kim Cheon Sangmu succeeded in breaking out of his recent slump with his first career win against Anyang FC.

Gimcheon, who lost the lead in the last 3 games with 1 draw and 2 losses, was the first to score 3 goals in the 33rd round home match against Hana One Q K League 1 2023 FC Anyang held at Gimcheon Stadium at 4 pm on the 23rd, with the politician scoring the first goal. We won 4-1.스포츠토토

The power of Gimcheon, which has continued to be strong at home, is stronger than the jinx of Anyang, which has not lost in the opponent’s record, and Gimcheon, who won in 4 games and continued an undefeated streak of 11 games at home, reduced the gap with leader Busan I’Park to 4 points. succeeds.

Politician, who started as a starter, was named as the main character of the team’s first hat trick and at the same time helped the team win, emerging as a good alternative in the absence of Cho Young-wook, the mainstay of the team’s attack.

After putting on the Gimcheon uniform, Politician, who had scored only 2 points before this game, scored his first hat trick since his debut, scoring more goals than the 2 he scored in the first division since joining Daegu FC in 2018 before joining this season, and is a sign of his future performance. It adds to the anticipation.

The politician, who finished the game with an impressive record, said that it was all the more meaningful because it was the first record in the club’s history, and expressed his determination and goal of winning, saying, “I want to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to score more goals.”

Coach Jeong Jeong-yong, who again activated the multiple-goal victory mode at home, told his players, “Attitude toward the game is as important as tactics and strategy.” He expressed his thoughts, saying, “I will continue to win the remaining games armed with spirit.”

Gimcheon, who escaped the winless streak, aims to escape the away jinx with a win in the away game against Cheonan on the 1st of next month. 

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