KIA’s Foreign Pitcher Selection May Be Thorns… Careful Physical Examination, Will Joy Come After Diligence

KIA has been agonizing over selecting foreign pitchers, the biggest puzzle of its leap forward. This is in contrast to the fact that the remaining nine clubs in the KBO League have completed the selection of foreign pitchers. While there have been twists and turns in the selection process, attention is being paid to whether the announcement will be possible next week. Regardless of the timing, we have to pick well for now.

KIA has recently started final coordination over recruitment of foreign pitchers with both seats available. Industry insiders say that Kia carefully selected and contacted candidates, but not all worked out in the direction it wanted. In some cases, off-season top candidates declared their stay in the U.S., and contracts with players who were selected among the rest of the players have yet to be completed.

Kia has selected two players sequentially between mid-December and late last year, and is now undergoing physical examination. It has undergone physical examination in the U.S. and received the film in Korea, and team officials are conducting thorough verification. For now, one player has been confirmed. He is a pitcher who can throw fastballs up to 150 kilometers per hour with right-handedness. Although he does not have full-time experience as a starting pitcher, he has experience in the Major League recently, and analysts say that he will have no problem in changing his starting position.

However, rumors have it that another player who expected to be paired with Lee failed to pass the physical examination unexpectedly. If this is true, it is fortunate that the team blocked the elements of anxiety in advance through a thorough physical examination, but this could lead to speculation that the process of finding a new player takes time and the overall announcement may be delayed. It will inevitably take some more time for KIA to find an alternative and complete its physical examination again. Initially, a batch of announcements was expected this week, but the timing has been pushed back to next week, which is probably related to this.

Anyway, as the selection of foreign pitchers for the KBO League has been completed, at least Kia will not compete with other teams in the KBO League. Having confirmed that Major League pitchers’ ransom is soaring, Japanese teams are apparently shifting their focus to relatively cheaper bullpens rather than seeking starters. For this reason, KIA can have more free time in competition. However, there is always responsibility in terms of leeway. If a team contracts last and fails, the team cannot be free from blame. 마카오카지노

KIA has been troubled with foreigners for the past two years. He selected the team with high expectations, but failed to play its part due to one problem or another. This provided one of the decisive reasons why KIA failed to play hard to overcome its crisis in the season and repeatedly collapsed. It clearly showed that Kia did not benefit from foreign pitchers compared to other teams.

In 2022, he started the season under Sean Nollin and Ronnie Williams, but Williams showed lackluster performance early on. Only the ball was fast, but his overall ball control and game management ability were not supported by him. He had three wins, three losses and an ERA of 5.89 in 10 games. Nollin was a player who displayed fairly good pitching quality when he was healthy, but he critically fell ill. Due to his injury in 2022, he pitched only 124 innings in 21 games. He was forced out after judging that he could not become the innings Kia wanted.

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