KIA will match the pieces of ‘Autumn Baseball’… Catch a veteran and recruit a full-time ML pitcher

KIA is matching the pieces to advance to the “Autumn Baseball.”

For now, he succeeded in catching two veterans (Kim Sun-bin and Choi Hyung-woo). Kim Sun-bin signed a three-year free agent (FA) contract with Choi for a total of 3 billion won, and signed a multi-year contract with Choi Hyung-woo for a total of 2.2 billion won for a one-plus-year. On the 7th, news of the highly anticipated recruitment of foreign pitchers was heard. He signed a contract with right-handed pitcher Will Crowe (30) with a total of 1 million dollars.

Crow has an impressive career. He played in 94 games (29 starts) in the Major League, recording 10 wins, 21 losses, 16 holds, and five saves with an ERA of 5.30. Notably, he started 25 times in the ML in 2021, serving as one of the pillars of his former team, Pittsburgh’s starting rotation. He was a full-time pitcher in the ML.

The team is aiming to win the title beyond entering the fall baseball league. KIA is one of the 10 teams with stable power. Its main players, including Yang Hyun-jong and Na Sung-bum, are doing well. Young players such as Kim Do-young, Lee Eui-ri and Choi Ji-min are still growing. Socrates, a proven foreign hitter who has perfectly adapted to the KBO league, also stayed. Kim Tae-gun, the main catcher, also signed a multi-year contract early on. 마카오토토

The rest of the puzzles are foreign pitchers. He stamped his seal with one of them. He is undergoing verification to make up for his “failure” that ranked ninth in average among foreign pitchers last year. This is how cautious he is. Now, all eyes are on the only foreign pitcher left. A pitcher with a splendid resume like Crow would make the icing on the cake, but it is not easy due to market conditions. We need players who can return to full-time health rather than glamor.

Due to the absence of Na Sung-bum and Kim Do-young last year, they hovered at the bottom of the season. After the two returned, they gained momentum and showed their potential to climb to fourth place at the end of the season. If they are “healthy Tigers,” they could compete for the title in the 2024 season. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop is so strong that he expressed his vigilance. When the last puzzle piece is filled, KIA roars again.

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