“It’s like Ahn Woo-jin.” Samsung, Lim Chang-min’s “Age” is irrelevant… Oh Seung-hwan’s “The Last Puzzle.”

“You have to see how good you are.”

Samsung gave a bullpen session an “all-in.” Second FA pitcher Lim Chang-min (39) is also a bullpen pitcher. “I’m a bit old. I don’t care about Samsung. I focused on my skills. Now only Oh Seung-hwan (42) is left.

Samsung recruited Lim Chang-min as its free agent on Tuesday. The deal amounts to 800 million won for two years. The deal includes a down payment of 300 million won, an annual salary of 400 million won and an option of 100 million won. The team has made efforts to reinforce its bullpen.

His performance is certain. He pitched 46.2 innings in 51 games, two wins, two losses and one hold, and posted an ERA of 2.51 in the 2023 season. He ranks sixth in saves in the league. Kiwoom was the lowest. Lim Chang-min shone all the time.

He is also excellent in overall performance. He was the finishing pitcher of the NC Dinosaurs. He garnered 31 saves and 26 saves and 29 saves over the three years from 2015 to 2017. He ranks second in overall saves in the league. He is a total of 122 saves.

Samsung’s bullpen average in 2023 is 5.16. The sound of “devastation” was heard. He focused on off-season bullpen. He caught Kim Jae-yoon for a four-year total of 5.8 billion won. In the second draft, he brought in Choi Sung-hoon and Yang Hyun. Lee Min-ho, who was released from NC, was also recruited.

It even recruited Lim Chang-min. “We had a hard time bringing him here,” Lee said with a smile. “We had to go right before signing the contract, but it went wrong. We really needed Lim Chang-min.”

He is a pitcher in his late 30s. I can’t help but be bothered. Samsung focused on its skills. I thought it was enough. Samsung is not in a position to hide it now.

Lee Jong-yeol, the general manager, said, “It will be of great help to the team. According to last year’s data, the rotational power is similar to that of Ahn Woo-jin. He is in good ball power. He also has a good physical condition.”

“He experienced pain once again. He proved himself again through Doosan-Kium. He will be able to show good performance in our team,” he added.

He came out of NC in the 2021 season. He played as a main bullpen, but NC wanted a generational change. He joined Doosan. It came out again a year later. Kiwoom reached out. It succeeded in reviving properly in 2023. It even led to the FA contract.

Recruitment of outside FA is over. Only internal FA remains. Oh Seung-hwan, Kim Dae-woo and Kang Han-ul. Oh Seung-hwan is the first to stand out. There is no news of the conclusion of the negotiation.

“We are continuing negotiations. I think it will go well. Neither I nor Oh Seung-hwan say anything about the negotiations. Rather, the article seems to be going too far,” said Lee Jong-yeol. 랭크카지노

“Didn’t Oh say that he would move for the team from the beginning? He talked about it as if he wasn’t signing a contract because of money? No. Please wait a little longer. There is no easy negotiation in the world. There will be good news,” he explained.

He is a pitcher who represents Samsung. He posted 30 saves and an ERA of 3.45 in 2023. In the second half of the year alone, he has 20 saves and an ERA of 2.20. There were tough times, too. He has made a resurgence. He is still a necessary player for Samsung.

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