Injured’ Son Heung-min is inevitable to start?… ‘SON backup’ Israeli winger ‘misses several months’ due to knee injury

Manor Solomon, whom Tottenham hired as Son Heung-min’s backup, left due to injury, raising the possibility that Son Heung-min, who was recently known to have a minor injury, will be forced to play. 

Global sports media The Athletic reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Tottenham striker Solomon will be out for a long period of time due to a knee injury.” 

The Athletic said, “Solomon is expected to be out for a long period of time due to a ruptured meniscus. Solomon suffered the injury during training and is expected to miss at least several months. Coach Angie Postekoglou will provide further details at the press conference against Luton Town. “Solomon appeared in 6 games for Tottenham this season and recorded 2 assists.” 

He continued, “This news is expected to be a big blow to Tottenham, who will already miss the upcoming game against Luton Town with Brennan Johnson due to a hamstring injury and Ivan Perisic due to an anterior cruciate ligament injury. Another winger, Brian Hill, was released in August. “He has yet to play a game since undergoing groin surgery. Solomon has made an encouraging start to his Tottenham career and losing his speed and penetration will be a huge loss for Tottenham.” 

Solomon has performed well in the backup role at Tottenham so far. He displayed sharp dribbling and crosses after playing on the left and right wings, and in the last leg, he started with Son Heung-min and helped Son Heung-min’s hat trick, accumulating 2 assists. 

The media predicted that Solomon’s injury could definitely cause problems in Tottenham’s offensive line management. The Athletic said, “This means that Manager Postekoglou’s attacking line will now have even less depth. For example, in the game against Luton Town, Alejo Velis, who appeared as a substitute in the previous game against Liverpool, and Jamie Donley, who has no first-team experience, will be on the bench. “It has a high potential to become a major resource.” 

Solomon’s absence could be an even bigger blow considering that Son Heung-min is also playing with an injury along with other players’ injuries. 

Paul O’Keefe, who is familiar with Tottenham’s internal news, said about Son Heung-min’s injury through social media on the 4th, “I don’t train every day these days. I am currently managing my training volume so that I can play on the weekend. I have had a groin problem for the past month.” He reported that Son Heung-min’s physical condition was not perfect.  

Tottenham coach Angie Postecoglou also once explained Son Heung-min’s physical condition. In an interview with ‘Football London’ on the 2nd, he explained, “Son Heung-min wasn’t 100% against Liverpool, but he was desperate to play. He tried to give everything he could, and he did.”토토사이트

He continued: “Son Heung-min will never play the full 90 minutes. We always tried to give him about 60 minutes, but Son Heung-min led from the front again and put pressure on. He also scored a goal, so the captain’s effort was great. “I did,” he added.

Despite feeling discomfort in his groin and not being in 100% physical condition, Son Heung-min is successfully leading the team as Tottenham captain and attacking ace. However, Son Heung-min was replaced relatively early in the 24th minute of the second half.

It was unclear whether Tottenham would force Son Heung-min to play in the game against Luton Town. This is because Coach Postekoglou has managed the team with strict substitution when it comes to player injuries. 

Global sports media The Athletic recently reported, “Postekoglou’s willingness to bring in Son Heung-min and James Maddison could reap long-term rewards,” and added, “Postekoglou similarly replaced two players in the last match against Arsenal. Tottenham scored an additional goal against Liverpool despite the absence of the two players, but his replacement was a significant change in that it showed self-control. The replacement of the two players may have been planned in advance, but removing the best player at a critical moment was a great display of restraint. “Also, you can see his strength in the fact that he kept his composure even after Tottenham’s victory was confirmed,” he said, adding that Postecoglou can replace Son Heung-min and Maddison even when the team is close to victory. I was impressed by your self-control. 

Coach Postekoglou’s cool-headed replacement has already become a hot topic from the beginning of the season. He replaced Cristian Romero without delay when he suffered a head injury during the opening match. Romero insisted that his condition was fine, but if the issue was ambiguous, Coach Postecoglou proceeded with the substitution to protect the player without hesitation. 

The media commented on the advantages of this substitution method, saying, “It will help protect key players in the coming months. If two players had not been replaced in advance against Arsenal, they might not have been able to play against Liverpool. In particular, Son Heung-min last season. “This measure is appropriate as they have played most of their games with injuries. Son Heung-min and Maddison are very important players, so you always want them to play, but proper management is even more important,” he said, adding that he manages the two players to ensure they can perform consistently. did.

However, due to Solomon’s injury, coach Postekoglou had no choice but to worry. Currently, the only resources that can be used in Tottenham’s offensive line are the injured Son Heung-min, Richarlison, Dejan Kulusevski, and 20-year-old prospect Velis. If Son Heung-min misses the game against Luton Town due to injury, the three front-line positions must be filled with Richarlison, Velis, and Kulusevski. 

Although Richarlison recorded an assist that led to Son Heung-min’s goal in the last game, he still lacks the sharpness and finishing ability in attack, and Kulusevski is a relatively slow player, so he cannot help Tottenham’s forward pressure. It is unclear whether Velis has enough ability to become a starter. In particular, the presence of Son Heung-min, who was responsible for one-third of the team’s scores with six goals this season, is difficult to compare with other players.

In this situation, Coach Postekoglou seems to be concerned about whether to force Son Heung-min, who is not in good condition, as a starter in the game against Luton Town, a team that is one step behind, and whether to go all out for victory. Also, if Son Heung-min’s injury becomes more serious if he is played without rest, there could be a gap in power even bigger than Solomon’s departure. 

As Tottenham’s attacking resources leave due to injury, more attention is focused on Son Heung-min’s participation and physical condition, and attention is being paid to whether Son Heung-min will be included in Manager Postekoglou’s starting list for the game against Luton Town.

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