‘In the Chinese quota, all foreigners are ranked first… ‘ IBK, stumbled by 3 consecutive losses in the opening game?

It’s not a good start. In the professional volleyball women’s division, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea fell into a quagmire of three consecutive losses after the opening.

IBK Industrial Bank defeated GS Caltex with a set score of 1 to 3 (22-25, 25-15, 22-25, 20-25) in the first round home game of the 2023-2024 season Dodram V League women’s division held at Hwaseong General Indoor Stadium in Gyeonggi-do on the 24th. ) was defeated. Although they have played three games since the opening, they have not yet reported a victory.

On this day, IBK Industrial Bank had the upper hand in the blocking battle with GS Caltex (9-4) and played a stable game, recording fewer beomsils (21-22). However, except for the second set, where they won by 10 points, they all missed decisive opportunities in the game. Foreign player Abercrombie fought hard with 30 points, the most in the team, but could not prevent the loss.

GS Caltex won two games in a row, led by the performance of foreign player Silva, who scored 33 points, the most for both teams. Kang So-hwi and Yoo Seo-yeon also contributed with 13 and 9 points, respectively.

Before the season, IBK Industrial Bank was fortunate enough to obtain the first pick in both the Asian Quarter Draft and the Foreign Player Draft, which were introduced for the first time since the launch of the V-League. In the Asian quarter draft, they selected the biggest fish, Thai setter Ponpoon Gedpard, and in the foreign player draft, left-handed spiker Abercrombie was selected.토스카지노 주소

IBK Industrial Bank, which ranked 6th in the 2022-2023 season, raised expectations with its powerful strength ahead of the new season. However, due to three consecutive losses since the opening, the recruitment has not yet had an effect.

Abercrombie seems to have adapted to some extent, taking responsibility for scoring the most goals for the team in each game. However, because Ponpoon joined late after completing his national team schedule, he still does not seem to be able to get along well with his teammates.

Ponpoon, the starting setter for the Thailand national team, is an experienced player who has played in several leagues. He entered the V League, attracting a lot of attention as he was selected as the biggest player in the Asian Quarter Draft.

IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-cheol nominated Ponpoon and said, “We plan to play volleyball on the move in the new season. I think we are lucky to have brought in Ponpoon who is suitable for this.” He added, “Ponpoon has volleyball that he wants to do in his own way, so I don’t think there is a need to touch it much. “I have given my trust. Although Ponpoon has not shown any outstanding performance yet, he is expected to play the role of ace as coach Kim wishes once he completes his adaptation to the V-League.

Franchise star Kim Hee-jin, who is recovering from knee surgery, appeared briefly in the second set that day. It appears that he will be able to properly play the game starting from the second round. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s strength is expected to be further strengthened when Kim Hee-jin, who is scheduled to play an active role as a middle blocker this season, joins.

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