“I was going to use it a little bit now…” Lee Jung-hyo’s sighs as he leaves the Asani Euro tournament

Gwangju FC foreign player Asani will be away for a while.

Gwangju recently received a request from the Albanian Football Association to send Asani. The Albanian team has requested Asani’s early joining in preparation for the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, which will kick off in Germany on the 14th of next month.

Albania will play two friendly matches against Liechtenstein on June 4 and Azerbaijan on June 8 before facing Italy, Croatia and Spain in the group stage of the finals.

To prepare for the upcoming tournament, Asani will leave Gwangju on Wednesday. Whether he will pass the group league or not and the outcome of the tournament round will determine when he will return to his team. Even if he is eliminated from the group league, he may return to his team at the end of June, and if he advances to the tournament round, he may be able to play for the national team until mid-July.

Asani is a key offensive resource for the Albanian national team. His position is solid enough to start all eight Euro qualifiers and play. The recruitment of the Euro tournament was scheduled, but it is too early to join.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo is also in trouble. It was because he planned to make full use of Asani. Asani belatedly confirmed his stay in Gwangju last winter due to the transfer issue. The preparation for the season was also insufficient. He rarely got a chance to play in this season’s games because his physical strength and weight were not properly managed. It was his first and last appearance as a substitute against Gimcheon Sangmu on April 6. It was difficult to see Asani, who played in 33 games last season and served as the ace of Gwangju’s attack with seven goals and three assists, from the pitch.

Lee organizes the starting lineup on a cold and strict basis. He values the attitude of training and the attitude of playing in the game. That’s why he decided that Asani was not ready. Just in time, Gabriel settled down well in a similar role, and Choi Kyung-rok also played his part, overshadowing Asani’s absence. 스포츠토토

As if to motivate him, Asani also trained diligently to participate in the match recently, and Lee also intended to give him an opportunity. “Asani is coming up. I was going to start writing it in earnest, but now I am leaving the team immediately. I am sad and sighing,” Lee said.

Gwangju is seventh with five wins, eight losses and 15 points as of the 22nd. It ended its losing streak, but in the last round, it was completely defeated by Jeonbuk Hyundai. It is time for a change. In addition, coach Lee’s plan to use Asani was wrong due to Choi Kyung-rok’s poor physical condition.

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