I think he’s the best foreign player” Captain Kang Sang-jae’s praise for Didrick Lawson

 Kang Sang-jae (29, 200 cm) heaped praise on Lawson.

Wonju DB Kang Sang-jae played an active part with 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists in the 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Game against Busan KCC held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 28th. DB, powered by Kang Sang-jae, Didrick Lawson (38 points, 10 rebounds) and Ethan Albano (18 points, 4 rebounds, 9 assists), won 101-90 and won three consecutive games in the opening game.

After the game, Kang Sang-jae said, “I missed a lot of easy shots in the first half. As a result, KCC gave up a lot of fast breaks and 3-point shots. It was a tough game, but the players reassured each other that they had potential. “We played the game with trust in each other, and that was clearly evident on the court,” he said in his thoughts on the victory.

He continued, “All teams sweated a lot in the offseason, but all the players, including me, worked so hard that we were confident that our team sweated the most. “With the sweat we shed, we were able to show the fans a winning game in the home opening game,” he added.

The fourth quarter was where Kang Sang-jae stood out the most. He recorded 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists in the fourth quarter alone, showing off his presence in many areas and leading the team as a captain. He showed his will to win by kicking down three offensive rebounds.토스카지노

He said, “It was also the home opener, and so many fans filled the gym. So I never wanted to show a losing game. As I said in the off-season interview, I now want to stop saying sorry to the fans. “I desperately participated in the rebound to keep my promise, but luckily, I think the ball fell in front of me,” he said with a smile.

DB recruited Lawson as a foreign player to join this season. Lawson has the advantage of not only scoring his own goals, but also saving his teammates. In the opening three games, he is on fire with an average of 30.0 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 5.3 assists. On this day, she won by decision in a matchup with KCC’s Alize DeShawn Johnson.

“I think he is the best foreign player. He works well together and plays the game very smartly. There are many times when we are surprised when we run together. Not only me, but also (Seo) Minsu and (Kim) Jonggyu support Lawson reliably, so I think he can play more easily. “Lawson is doing his job 120% and he is on a three-game winning streak.” This is Kang Sang-jae’s evaluation of Lawson.

DB will take a break on the 29th and then play against Suwon KT in Suwon on the 30th. If they win against KT, they will succeed in four consecutive wins in the opening game for the first time since the 2019-2020 season.

Kang Sang-jae said, “Our team won three games in a row, but the seniors, including (Park) Chan-hee and I, are emphasizing that we should not get too excited. I hope the players will continue to remember how hard they worked to go to spring basketball this season. It is important to prepare for the game until the end of the season with a consistent mindset. “I will do my best with the thought that each game is the last game,” he said.

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