“I keep feeling down because I don’t get lucky”. Kim Ha Sung’s disappointment

Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres expressed regret that his luck did not follow.

In an interview after losing the Philadelphia Phillies’ home game 6-8 at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 29th (Korea time), Kim Ha-sung expressed regret over the result, saying, “This is a unlucky month.”

In particular, Kim Ha-sung in this series was not lucky. Strong hits or good-course hits continued to be caught in the defense of the opponent. On the first day, third baseman Alec Bohm blocked Kim Ha-sung’s hit with a diving catch, and in the second game, left fielder Upper Merifield took the hit with a sliding catch.

He also hit a hit to left-center field in the first inning, but the left fielder was waiting. With no luck, the three consecutive games ended without a hit. The team was swept as well.
“The sense of hitting keeps going back and forth. I feel like I’m going to get better when those balls are out, but they keep going down because I don’t have luck,” he said of his recent game.

“Many hits were caught when hitting. Still, there are days like this when playing baseball. There will be another good day,” he said.

Compared to his performance in the first 31 games of the last season (batting average 0.227 OPS 0.707 with three homers and 10 RBIs), he has clearly improved his slugging capability. He suggested improving his slugging capability in the offseason, but he seems to be moving in that direction.

“I don’t think it’s bad,” he said of improving his slugging capability, but added, “I still have to do it for four to five more months. I think it will get better. I think it can’t be worse than now, so I’ll wait for the day to get better.”

Kim Ha-sung is not the only one who thinks that “luck doesn’t follow.” His colleague Fernando Tatis Jr., who sat next to him, also said, “Our hitters have a good approach and are hitting a lot of hits, but luck isn’t following. We have to keep holding on,” expressing his thoughts on his recent slump.

Coach Mike Shildt changed the batting lineup to change the atmosphere in his own way. Jurickson Profar went up to No. 1, Xander Bogaerts went down to No. 5, Jackson Merrill hit No. 6 and Kim Ha-sung hit No. 7.
“Rather than considering matchups, I looked at the current status of the batters. Professionals have been hitting well lately and I wanted to see what it would be like if he took the first batter. He looked good today and I will see how he does from now on. Bogaerts said he expected to be able to raise RBIs from other positions. In fact, as long as he shows good things at bat, it doesn’t matter which batting order he hits,” he said, expressing his thoughts on the lineup.

In fact, San Diego’s loss on the day was more about pitchers’ poor performance than its batters. Shildt said, “The only moment we took the lead in this series was half an inning. When we scored, we had to block a loss in defense, but we couldn’t. It wasn’t that we lacked effort, and the problem was that we didn’t do as planned. To lose points right after scoring is not a recipe for victory.” 토토사이트

“It’s not good right now,” said starter Michael King, who allowed six runs with three homers.

“It is important to keep the ball inside the fence. All games where results have been bad so far have been hit by homers. If these balls could have been locked inside the stadium, I think good results could have been produced. Several mistakes are leading to home runs,” he said. “The key is to reduce the number of home runs.”

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