I fell in love with Naples… Osimhen wants transfer to PL

There is news that Victor Osimhen wants to move to the Premier League (PL).

Ben Jacobs, who works for ‘CBS Sports’ in the United States, reported that Osimhen is currently seeking a transfer to the PL. Osimhen, who played for Naples and established himself as a representative striker in Italy’s Serie A, has been rumored to be transferred several times, but this transfer rumor has a different atmosphere.토토사이트

This is because of the rumors of discord with Naples. When Osimhen was replaced in the 5th round of the last league season, he was seen yelling at coach Rudy Garcia while heading to the bench. He was protesting why he, an attacker, was left out in a situation where he needed to score. You can often see scenes of players protesting against their coaches, but the problem came after that.

After Osimhen complained to coach Garcia, Napoli became controversial by posting videos that appeared to ridicule Osimhen on the club’s official account on the video platform TikTok. The video showed Osimhen missing a penalty kick even after asking for it, and also compared Osimhen to a coconut. Napoli quickly deleted the video, but it had already spread on social media.

Osimhen also seemed to confirm this and took down all posts related to Naples from his social media. Fans told Osimhen to leave Napoli, which did not treat him fairly. Osimhen, who played the role of Napoli’s problem solver by showing off his improved scoring sense last season, made a remarkable contribution to Napoli winning the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years, but fans are concerned that he is not currently being treated at a high level in Napoli. It was their opinion.

There was no celebration after Osimhen started and scored in the 6th round of the league, but coach Garcia said in an interview that Osimhen would play for the team, and Osimhen also said that his love for Napoli is unwavering, dispelling rumors of discord. It seemed.

In this situation, transfer rumors emerged. Although the season is still in progress, if the player’s heart is set, we can expect him to transfer to a PL club in the winter transfer window in January. There is speculation locally that Chelsea, who are suffering from a goal drought, will target Osimhen. Considering Osimhen’s expected transfer fee, there are only a few teams that have the financial resources to recruit Osimhen.

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