“I don’t know yet → Nonsense! What do you mean you don’t know?” Mbappe, who doesn’t know his future, strongly scolds

‘I haven’t decided yet.’ ‘Don’t talk nonsense, just leave.’

All circumstances are predicting Kylian Mbappe’s next destination. However, Mbappe still does not give a clear answer and remains ‘unaware’. Public opinion on Mbappe’s ambiguous attitude is rapidly deteriorating. British media and French legends simultaneously pointed out Mbappe’s attitude.

British media HITC reported, “Paris Saint-Germain star Mbappe has mentioned his future. He has not made a decision yet, but he is actually convinced to go to Real Madrid.” He pointed out the fact that Mbappe pretended to be naive and gave a reserved answer to an issue that had already been answered.

In fact, Mbappe’s “Going to Real Madrid” has been a story for years. In particular, Mbappe refused to renew his contract with PSG even when his contract with PSG expired in June. This is understood as a way for Mbappe to easily transfer to Real without transfer fees during the summer transfer market. PSG Chairman Nasser Al-Kelafi was greatly disappointed and angry with Mbappe’s attitude.

Nevertheless, Mbappe confuses fans with a nuance that feels as if he will remain at PSG. Even after winning the 2023 Trope de Champion title with a 2-0 victory over Toulouse on the 4th, he said, “I have yet to decide on a transfer. Above all, this season is very important. I am also very motivated. Since I have already won one title, I need to prepare for the next title. I don’t know either.” 헤라카지노도메인

Regarding this ambiguous interview, HITC Football said, “Mbappe has not yet reached an agreement with Real, but he is well aware that he has a chance to transfer at any time. In theory, Mbappe can sign a contract in advance and consult with Real within this month,” effectively making Mbappe’s trip to Real a fact.

Nevertheless, the media outlet pointed out Mbappe’s inconsistency with his words in the coldest possible tone possible. However, former French national legend Christophe Dugari slammed Mbappe’s stance. “I’m tired of hearing that nonsense that Mbappe says every six months,” he said through French media RMC. Mbappe wants to be the leader and center of the team, but he is still a kid to me. Mbappe does not have symbiosis with the team. I just want him to leave PSG soon.” He was furious that Mbappe was interviewed through a thoroughly selfish and self-centered viewpoint and decided on his future.

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